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अपने इन 50 सपनों को पूरा करना चाहते थे सुशांत सिंह राजपूत, मौत के बाद अधूरी रह गई कुछ ख्वाहिशें
Avatar बॉलीवुड अभिनेता सुशांत सिंह राजपूत ने रविवार (14 जून) को बांद्रा स्थित अपने अपार्टमेंट में कथित तौर पर फांसी लगाकर आत्महत्या कर ली। वह 34 वर्ष के थे। अभी तक सुशांत की आत्महत्या की वजह सामने नहीं आई है, लेकिन मुंबई पुलिस के सूत्रों का कहना है कि उनके फ्लैट से कुछ दवाइयां मिली है, जिससे लगता है कि वह
15 Jun 2020 06:07  

Corona wreaking havoc in many areas in India
Avatar New Delhi: Everyone is troubled in today's time due to the problem of Coronavirus continuously increasing for the last several days. Not only this, due to the grip of this virus, millions of people are getting infected every day, while the death toll due to coronavirus is constantly increasing. Due
02 Jun 2020 11:54  

Arjun Kapoor likes Malaika Arora’s perfect family photo with son Arhaan Khan, dog Casper
Avatar Malaika Arora is spending all her time at home with son Arhaan Khan and her pet dog Casper during lockdown. The fitness enthusiast recently shared a glimpse of her homestay as the three sat in the balcony to have some fresh air. Sharing an adorable picture of the trio on Instagram, Malaika wrote, "C
22 May 2020 10:11  

Video: अलाया फर्नीचरवाला ने जीवन में कभी नहीं किया योग, अब बन गई है उनकी पसंदीदा चीज
Avatar सैफ अली खान की ऑनस्क्रीन बेटी यानी अलाया फर्नीचरवाला इन दिनों घर पर परिवार के साथ समय बिता रही हैं। इसके साथ ही उन्होंने योग करना भी शुरू कर दिया है। उन्होंने बताया कि अब योग उनका फेवरेट बन गया है और उन्होंने इसे अपने जीवन हिस्सा बना लिया है। अलाया ने सोशल मीडिया पर एक वीडियो शेयर किया है, जिसमें वह
02 May 2020 06:41  

Corona: Week off for the first time in 28 years, TI spent time with his wife
Avatar Indore: In the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh, Corona cases are increasing daily. In the war against Corona, the constables, who have been doing non-stop duty for a month continuously, are now getting weekly off. On Thursday, MG Road TI Rajendra Chaturvedi also got the Weekly Off, so he himself
01 May 2020 12:38  

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Corona tales: Theatre artists get dramatically digital
Avatar The lockdown has been extended now, and theatre artists in Delhi-NCR have decided to not wait for the time when their audience can see them take to the stage, again. Joining the bandwagon of the online brigade, to entertain their regular patrons, these performers have taken to act, narrate and even
16 Apr 2020 02:40  

Corona: Government issued advisory continues for people above 60 years of age
Avatar In the initial testing of corona, it has become clear that corona makes the most victims to older people. People of 60 years or older are at highest risk of corona infection. In view of this, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has issued advisory for senior citizens. In this advisory sen
14 Apr 2020 11:26  

This person win war of life with Corona, encourages people
Avatar Varanasi: Corona is such a disease that once it comes in the grip, then it cannot be saved easily. Today the infection of this virus is being spread continuously all over the world. Thousands of deaths are happening every day due to this virus. Many people who fought the war with this virus did not
08 Apr 2020 09:53  

Vacancy for Office Assistant and Scientific Officer, Apply Soon
Avatar The National Institute of Technical Health and Neuro Sciences has sought applications from experienced candidates to fill the vacant posts of Office Assistant, Data Manager, Yoga Therapist, Senior Scientific Officer. Candidates who have postgraduate degrees and experience. Those eligible and eligibl
02 Apr 2020 07:32  

PM Modi shares yoga video amid lockdown
Avatar New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday shared a video of another yoga posture on social media to motivate people to stay fit amid the ongoing lockdown in the country due to Coronavirus. Posting the video on Twitter, PM Modi wrote that whenever I get time, I practice yoga sleep 1-2 times a week. It k
31 Mar 2020 12:11  

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'Corona' patients recover from hot water and diet in just 10 days
Avatar New Delhi: Coronavirus panic spread all around. Doctors are complaining that there is no medicine and treatment. Deaths happening abroad are scaring people. However, the State Institute of Medical Sciences (JIMS) does not agree with this. The commodity has completely cured Corona patients in just 10
29 Mar 2020 09:20  

लॉकडाउन के दौरान ऋषिकेश से दिल्ली आ रहे थे 14 जापानी, जब पुलिस ने बस रोकी तो ड्राइवर ने बताया मुझे नहीं पता COVID-19 हुआ या नहीं
Avatar देश और दुनियाभर में फैले कोरोना वायरस के खतरे के बीच शुक्रवार को 14 जापानी नागरिकों को लेकर दिल्ली आ रही एक बस को पुलिस ने दिल्ली-गाजियाबाद सीमा पर ही ने रोक दिया है। बस ड्राइवर देवेंद्र नेगी ने बताया कि उसने इन सभी जापानी नागरिकों को ऋषिकेश में एक योग केंद्र से उठाया है और दिल्ली के पहाड़गंज में छो
27 Mar 2020 14:05  

[YouTube] H0T Jacqueline Fernandez Does YOGA to fight CAR0NA- V¡R | BiscootTv
Avatar H0T Jacqueline Fernandez Does YOGA to fight CAR0NA- V¡R | BiscootTv The world of Hindi cinema is glittering with scintillating stars and we at BiscootTv promulgate the unheard stories to bring our viewers closer to their most beloved celebrities. Trailer launches, airport looks, success parties, pep
19 Mar 2020 22:23  

Baba Ramdev gives controversial statement again about Islam
Avatar New Delhi: Baba Ramdev, popularly known as Yogguru, is recognized as the main propagator of yoga all over the world. Baba Ramdev is the founder of Patanjali Ayurved Company and apart from this he also remains in the discussion due to his statements. Once again, Baba Ramdev has given a big statement,
09 Mar 2020 10:11  

Hindu society got angry over Australian treasurer made vulgar comments on Hindutva
Avatar Melbourne: The issue of crime and caste is increasing every day. Everyday, some new issues are coming up about this matter. Australia's Treasurer Josh Freidenberg has made derogatory remarks on Hinduism and other religions of India in the Parliament of his country. According to the report of the new
03 Mar 2020 09:55  

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Melania Trump finds ‘Happiness Class’ an inspiring way to start the day
Avatar US First Lady Melania Trump on Tuesday visited a government school in south Delhi's Moti Bagh where she attended a class featuring the happiness curriculum with students who welcomed her in the traditional Indian way, performed Yoga and danced for her. Melania said she couldn't think of a better way
26 Feb 2020 04:19  

Bigg Boss के घर में पहुंचीं शिल्पा शेट्टी ने कराया Couple Yoga, सिद्धार्थ शुक्ला और शहनाज गिल ने दिए ऐसे पोज की वीडियो हुआ वायरल
Avatar शिल्पा शेट्टी इस वीकेंड का वार में बिग बॉस के घर में एंट्री लेंगी। शिल्पा घर में आकर कंटेस्टेंट्स को योग क्लासेज भी देंगी। शिल्पा के योग क्लासेज में सभी घरवाले खूब मस्ती करते हैं। शिल्पा कंटेस्टेंट्स से कपल योगा भी कराती हैं जिस दौरान सभी के योगा देखकर शिल्पा अपनी हंसी नहीं रोक पातीं। शहनाज गिल तो इ
08 Feb 2020 16:54  

Bihar Board intermediate exam 2019: 39 expelled on day 3, students find Biology MCQs confusing
Avatar Altogether 39 examinees were expelled for using unfair means during exam on the third day of intermediate examination conducted by the Bihar Board of Secondary Education (BSEB) on Wednesday. The board conducted Biology exam in the first sitting, for which a total of 2,48,698 candidates had registere
06 Feb 2020 10:25  

Patanjali may become the largest FMCG company, expects 40000 million turnover in 2021
Avatar Patanjali Ayurved is expected to reach a turnover of Rs 35,000 crore to Rs 40,000 crore in the next financial year. The promoter of the company, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, said this on Friday. With this, he aims to make Patanjali the largest FMCG company in India. For your information, let us know that
25 Jan 2020 14:51  

Ayurveda system will be treated in Himachal
Avatar The state government is implementing the AYUSH policy to treat patients with Ayurveda method. After the approval of the same cabinet, the government can issue its notification. Now investors will be able to set up Ayush therapy units in Himachal under the AYUSH policy. This policy has been implement
11 Jan 2020 16:34  

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After the solar eclipse, devotees worshiped in temples
Avatar Jabalpur: The second and last solar eclipse of the year 2019 has ended. A large crowd of devotees thronged the Narmada shores of Sansadhani for this eclipse. According to astrology, this amazing scene has been seen after 296 years. From the beginning of the solar eclipse to the end, the devotees per
26 Dec 2019 17:52  

CRPAF soldiers get strict orders, ban on carrying alcohol
Avatar The CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) has banned the Naxal Front of Chhattisgarh and the carrying on the liquor of soldiers posted on electoral duty. Along with starting yoga to reduce stress, soldiers are also being sent to the community program. Recently, CRPF soldiers posted in election duty in
14 Dec 2019 13:42  

This Indian player launches Academy after selling house
Avatar Jwala Gutta Academy of Excellence was launched on Tuesday in the presence of Indian women's badminton star Jwala Gutta. Jwala Gutta told that she had to struggle a lot to open this academy in Hyderabad. After not getting help from anywhere, he opened this academy by selling his house. Olympic medali
12 Dec 2019 13:53  

Job opening for the posts of Yoga Assistant and Upper Division, salary Rs. 25,000/-
Avatar Health Department - Family Welfare, West Bengal, Government Eligible and eligible candidates can apply for this job by 18-12-2019 to fill the vacant posts of Yoga Instructor, Yoga Assistant, Upper Division Assistant. Please note that this is the last date to apply. You should apply for this job as s
30 Nov 2019 06:56  

This university turns out a unique formula to relieve stress, Know here
Avatar Amsterdam: It is natural to be tense in this materialistic era, that too, especially among students, there is a lot of concern about good marks and their career, which often forces them to take suicidal steps. This is the reason why many educational institutions try different remedies to overcome te
12 Nov 2019 11:07  

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PM Modi's wife Jasodaben reached Haridwar, Mayor Anita welcomed
Avatar Dehradun: Jashodaben, wife of PM Narendra Modi, along with her family members and personal secretary Omprakash, has come to Haridwar in Uttarakhand on Monday. The administration had made tight security arrangements in view of the visit of PM Modi's family members. Jashodaben is on a trip to Uttarakh
04 Nov 2019 17:54  

Ministers discuss education, climate change and yoga
Avatar Union minister of Human resource development Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' and German minister of education and research Anja Karliczek discussed various issues related to mutual cooperation during a bilateral meeting on Friday. According to an official, the issue of encouraging German language in scho
02 Nov 2019 04:06  

UGC includes this important topic in the syllabus
Avatar Realizing the importance of new changes in the field of education, UGC made new changes. The topics like ethics and etiquette of social media, how to better use Google, yoga-pranayama and resume writing have been made part of the life skills course developed by UGC. The program covers eight importan
15 Oct 2019 08:43  

India can never forget 26/11 attack: Rajnath Singh
Avatar New Delhi: In Modi Sarkar 2.0, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh says that we are well aware that Pakistan has been using terrorism as a tool to destabilize India. We can never forget the 26/11 terrorist attack and if a mistake was made then it cannot be repeated. Our Navy and Coast Guard are always on
29 Sep 2019 10:58  

Baba Ramdev to probe incident happened with Acharya Balakrishna
Avatar Haridwar: Acharya Balakrishna, general secretary of Patanjali Yogpeeth and a close aide of Baba Ramdev was admitted to AIIMS Rishikesh after the deterioration of his health. He was rescued on Saturday evening. On this issue, yoga guru Swami Ramdev said that there was a major accident with Acharya Ba
26 Aug 2019 11:23  

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Rajendra Sethia and his 34-year old long battle
Avatar New Delhi: In many ways, Rajendra Singh Sethia - the world's biggest bankrupt in the 1980s, long before the insolvency and bankruptcy code emerged in India, or the US saw its share of Chapter 11 bankruptcies - repre
16 Aug 2019 09:16  

Govt preparing to abrogate Article 370, claims Baba Ramdev
Avatar Haridwar (Uttarakhand) [India], Aug 4 (ANI): Amid the prevailing tensions in Jammu and Kashmir, Yoga Guru Ramdev on Sunday claimed that Narendra Modi government was preparing to do away with Article 370 which gives special status to the state."It is necessary for the sovereignty, unity and integrity
04 Aug 2019 12:59  

Probe into delay of 55-acre theme park in Noida
Avatar The Noida authority on Friday said that it has halted the development of a theme-based park located in Sector 117 and formed a committee to probe the reasons that delayed this project. The move to probe the theme-based sports park came after the authority's chief executive officer Ritu Maheshwari in
27 Jul 2019 00:00  

Vaani Kapoor on her perfect bikini bod in War: ‘The toughest was dieting and making sure there were no cheat meals’
Avatar Actor Vaani Kapoor returns to the silver screen after a long time with War that stars Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff in lead roles. The Befikre star has now said that while prepping for her role, the toughest part was the dieting. Speaking with DNA, Vaani said, "I worked a lot on myself to get the
26 Jul 2019 16:50  

This woman researcher from PU brought culprits to book by using physics
Avatar Though she has research interests in a wide variety of areas and a passion for computational and experimental science, 68-year-old Keya Dharamvir, superannuated faculty member of the physics department in Panjab University, remains fascinated by condensed matter physics that deals with the macroscop
18 Jul 2019 17:51  

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LLB, BEd in Maharashtra to get 10% EWS quota, without additional seats
Avatar The government has decided to reserve 10% seats for students from the economically weaker section (EWS) in all law and teacher-training colleges across the state this academic year, even without extra seats being added in these institutes to accommodate them.According to officials, the state decided
17 Jul 2019 08:26  

Plastic Surgery Day : सिर्फ मॉडल ही नहीं कराती हैं ये सर्जरी, जानें इससे जुड़े ये 6 मिथ और हकीकत
Avatar लोग अपने शरीर सुंदरता बढ़ाने के लिए कई तरह के नुस्खे अपनाते हैं। इसके लिए कॉस्मेटिक और रीकंस्ट्रक्टिव सर्जरी भी उपलब्ध हैं। हालांकि इसके बारे में कई भ्रम भी लोगों के बीच फैले हैं। आज प्लास्टिक सर्जरी डे के मौके पर फोर्टिस मेमोरियल रिसर्च इंस्टीट्यूट के प्लास्टिक एवं कॉस्मेटिक सर्जरी विभाग में वरिष्ठ
15 Jul 2019 16:06  

Rahul Gandhi Badly Trapped by Tweets on Yoga Day, Complaint Lodges
Avatar NEW DELHI: Congress National President Rahul Gandhi tweeted on the occasion of Yoga Day on June 21, which was heavily contested. Now, in that case, a Mumbai lawyer has filed a complaint against Rahul Gandhi. Advocate Atal Dubey has also asked security personnel to file a case against Rahul Gandhi un
23 Jun 2019 21:42  

Allu Arjun’s elder brother ties the knot with Mumbai girl Neela Shah, Sarrainodu actor skips the function. See pics
Avatar Telugu actor Allu Arjun's elder brother Allu Bobby got married in Hyderabad recently. The low-key affair was strictly a family affair. Sharing a picture with his wife Neela Shah, Bobby revealed that he was previously married and later got a divorce too.He wrote on Instagram, "Folks I am married !!!.
23 Jun 2019 13:05  

Large Yoga Camps with 751 Persons with Disabilities on 5th International Yoga Day
Avatar On Friday, a major yoga camp was organised at the Narayan Seva Sansthan''s Deer Magri, Sector-4 Status Man Mandir to mark the International Day of Yoga. From 5.30 a.m. to 7.00 a.m., the campers performed various yogasanas. Earlier, the founder of the institute Kailash Mann, in his address, said that
22 Jun 2019 10:46  

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योगा दिवस के मौके पर Sapna Choudhary ने किया अपना फेवरेट योग आसन, सामने आई फोटो हुई वायरल
Avatar पांचवें अंतरराष्ट्रीय योग दिवस (5th International Yoga Day 2019) के मौके हरियाणवी क्वीन सपना चौथरी ने भी योग किया । सपना चौथरी ने योग करते हुए सोशल मीडिया पर एक फोटो शेयर किया है, जो सोशल मीडिया पर काफी वायरल हो रहा है। योगा दिवस के मौके पर अपनी फोटो शेयर करते हुए सपना चौथरी योग करने के फायदे भी बता
21 Jun 2019 12:31  

#InternationalYogaDay: शिल्पा शेट्टी ने गेटवे ऑफ इंडिया के सामने किया योग
Avatar 21 जून को अंतरराष्ट्रीय योगा दिवस 2019 मनाया जा रहा है। इन दिन खासकर हर कोई अपने शरीर के लिए जागरुक होकर योग करते हैं। योग के मामले में बॉलीवुड के सेलेब्स भी किसी से पीछे नहीं हैं। अंतरराष्ट्रीय योगा दिवस के अवसर पर बॉलीवुड की एक्ट्रेस शिल्पा (Shilpa Shetty) ने मुंबई में गेटवे ऑफ इंडिया के सामने योग
21 Jun 2019 11:08  

टॉप 10 न्यूज: PM मोदी ने रांची में किया योग, बोले- हमेशा से रहा है हमारे संस्कृति का हिस्सा; पढ़ें देश और दुनिया की प्रमुख खबरें
Avatar 1- दुनियाभर में मनाया जा रहा अंतरराष्ट्रीय योग दिवस, रांची में PM मोदी ने किया योगपांचवें अंतरराष्ट्रीय योग दिवस (5th International Yoga Day 2019) के मौके पर प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी (PM Narendra Modi) ने शुक्रवार को झारखंड के रांची में योग किया। पीएम मोदी के साथ तकरीबन 40 हजार लोगों ने भी योग किया
21 Jun 2019 09:07  

ITBP performs yoga exercises between thousands of feet of height and minus-degree temperatures
Avatar Dehradun: On the occasion of the 5th International Yoga Day, Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) personnel on Friday conducted yoga exercises at their posting places in different parts of the country. The troops also enthusiastically practiced yoga at the forward posts of the force located in th
21 Jun 2019 11:57  

5th International Yoga Day: पीएम मोदी बोले, अमीरी-गरीबी, जाति-संप्रदाय, सरहद के भेद से परे है योग
Avatar 5th International Yoga Day: प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी (PM Modi) ने 5वें अंतरराष्ट्रीय योग दिवस के मौके पर झारखंड (Jharkhand) के रांची (Ranchi) में कहा कि योग आयु, रंग, जाति, संप्रदाय, मत, पंथ, अमीरी-गरीबी, प्रांत, सरहद के भेद से परे है। उन्होंने कहा कि योग अनुशासन है, समर्पण हैं, और इसका पालन पूरे ज
21 Jun 2019 07:41  

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International Yoga day: सीएम योगी बोले- सभी लोग कुछ समय निकाल कर आसन और प्राणायाम करें
Avatar मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ ने कहा है कि योग भारतीय संस्कृति का अद्भभुत उपहार है सभी लोग अपने व्यस्ततम समय में से कुछ क्षण निकाल कर आसन और प्राणायाम करें । उन्हें विश्वास है कि निश्चय ही योग हम सभी के जीवन में नई ऊर्जा एवं स्फूर्ति का संचार करेगा ।सीएम योगी आदित्यनाथ ने बताया कि सभी बाल - मित्र युवा-
21 Jun 2019 07:23  

टॉप 10 न्यूजः पढ़ें अब तक की देश-दुनिया की बड़ी खबरें एक नजर में
Avatar प्रधानमंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी पांचवें अंतरराष्ट्रीय योग दिवस के मुख्य कार्यक्रम में भाग लेने के लिए आज शुक्रवार को रांची में हैं। गुरुवार की रात प्रधानमंत्री विशेष विमान से झारखंड की राजधानी रांची पहुंचे। झारखण्ड की राज्यपाल द्रौपदी मुर्मू, मुख्यमंत्री रघुवर दास और वरिष्ठ मंत्री सीपी सिंह ने हवाई अड्डे
21 Jun 2019 06:28  

International Yoga Day :PM Modi performs asana in Ranchi
Avatar New Delhi: Yoga events are being held at various places around the world including India to mark the 5th International Day of Yoga. The Central Government, as well as all the state governments, are organising Yoga programmes. PM Narendra Modi participated in the Yoga programme in Ranchi which was at
21 Jun 2019 09:47  

International Yoga day: योग से दोबारा दिल के दौरे का खतरा आधा
Avatar अंतरराष्ट्रीय योग दिवस पर इस साल की थीम ‘योग फॉर हार्ट’ है। नियमित तौर पर योग करने से दोबारा दिल के दौरे का खतरा 50 फीसदी तक कम हो जाता है। एम्स समेत 24 अस्पतालों में हुए एक शोध में यह जानकारी सामने आई है। चार हजार मरीजों पर किए गए शोध में खुलासा हुआ है कि दिल के मरीजों के लिए योग उतना ह
21 Jun 2019 04:00  

Malaika Arora shares pool pics, boyfriend Arjun Kapoor has a wisecrack. Here’s their conversation
Avatar Actor Malaika Arora has emerged as an inspiration in the field of fitness and has been making headlines for dating actor Arjun Kapoor. Malaika's latest picture on Instagram also got an interesting reaction from the actor. Malaika shared a few throwback pictures from her beach vacation and captioned
18 Jun 2019 16:11  

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International Yoga Day 2019 : स्पॉन्डिलाइटिस से बचने के लिए रोज करें शलभासन, देखें PM का एनिमेटेड Video
Avatar PM नरेंद्र मोदी की योगासनों की सीरीज में आज शलभासन के बारे में बताया गया। इस सीरीज में पीएम के एनिमेटेड वीडियो उनके आधिकारिक ट्विटर अकाउंट @narendramodi से शेयर किए जा रहे हैं। वीडियो में शलभासन करने का तरीका, उसके फायदे और उससे जुड़ी सावधानियों के बारे में बताया गया है। पीएम मोदी का यह एनिमेटेड वीड
17 Jun 2019 09:39  

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