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Indian Army to buy special extreme cold weather tents for troops on LAC
Avatar Indian Army to buy special extreme cold weather tents for troops on LAC
06 Jul 2020 12:53  

More Than 100 mm Rain in Suburban Mumbai, Thane; More Showers Expected in Konkan Areas
Avatar The Santacruz weather station in Mumbai's western suburbs recorded 116.1 mm rainfall during the 24 hours ending at 8.30 am on Monday, while the Colaba weather station in South Mumbai recorded 12.4 mm downpour during the same period.
06 Jul 2020 12:12  

Heavy rains lash Delhi-NCR, weather department says thunderstorm likely to continue
Avatar Heavy rains lash Delhi-NCR, weather department says thunderstorm likely to continue
05 Jul 2020 04:02  

Archer Deepika Kumari is to get married, 'Haldi ceremony' started
Avatar International archer Deepika Kumari is going to tie the knot soon. Deepika Kumari is going to be married to fellow player Atanu Das on June 30. A limited number of guests have been invited to the wedding being held in the Corona period. Apart from this, the wedding rituals of archer Deepika Kumari h
29 Jun 2020 15:19  

110 people died due to lightning nd storm in Bihar and UP
Avatar New Delhi: Everyday the changing weather and the attitude of disasters is causing great problems for the people. While the weather is also changing its form every day. With the death of 110 people due to lightning in Bihar and eastern UP, the disasters during the monsoon have started to show effect.
28 Jun 2020 10:11  

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Rain brings down temperature; monsoon on time, says IMD
Avatar After four days of uncomfortable heat—a mix of high temperature and humidity—Delhi received light rain in some parts on Friday and Saturday. India Meteorological Department scientists are hoping the monsoon will arrive on its normal date around June 27 in Delhi as it has already reached parts of Bih
14 Jun 2020 04:37  

Rain brings mercury levels down in Delhi
Avatar Thundershowers accompanied by lightning, gusty winds of up to 50 kmph were recorded in various parts of Delhi-NCR and north-west India on Friday. Light rain and cloudy skies are expected in Delhi -NCR and rest of the northern plains over the weekend also, according to the India Meteorological Depart
06 Jun 2020 03:36  

India’s Covid-19 cases will cross 15,000-mark a day by mid-June: China study
Avatar India is likely to witness a steady rise in Covid-19 cases in June with the daily increase crossing 15,000-a-day by the middle of the month, a global forecast model for the coronavirus pandemic prepared by Chinese researchers has predicted. Established by Lanzhou university in northwest China's Gans
04 Jun 2020 04:35  

Over 20 UP district on alert for strong winds, rain and lightning over Cyclone Nisarga
Avatar Strong winds, showers and lightning may be experienced in the next 24 hours in more than 20 districts of western and central Uttar Pradesh as a result of Cyclone Nisarga, a forecast of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has said. Etah, Aligarh, Agra and Mahoba along with other districts will
03 Jun 2020 09:08  

Temperature falls in Delhi NCR due to rainfall
Avatar New Delhi: It rained on Thursday evening in Delhi-NCR amid continuously rising temperatures. Due to western disturbances, the Meteorological Department had predicted rain on May 29, but the people of Delhi-NCR have received the weather gift a day before that. On Wednesday, where the maximum temperat
29 May 2020 09:12  

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Nearly 200k in Assam affected due to floods
Avatar With continued rainfall in northeastern parts of the country on account of Cyclon Amphan, the Central Water Commission has sounded a flood alert even as nearly 2 lakh people have been affected by flooding in 229 villages in seven districts of Assam. Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA)
27 May 2020 00:07  

The weather will change from May 25, IMD issued alert for these states
Avatar New Delhi: Monsoon activities have started, but people are facing scorching heat in the country right now. Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat including the capital Delhi are experiencing intense heat. Delhi recorded a maximum temperature of 43.8 degrees on Friday, its highest this year. The Mete
23 May 2020 12:47  

Brahmavatika to be built in Kedarnath for Brahmakamal Conservation
Avatar In Kedarnath, the exercise of preserving the state flower Brahmakamal has started. For this, Brahmavatika will be built on five hectares of land along the Mandakini river. The central government has sanctioned Rs 50 lakh for the garden. Other flowers and herbs will be produced along with Brahmakamal
19 May 2020 18:57  

Corona rising on one side and changing weather in Delhi on other side
Avatar New Delhi: Coronavirus, which has spread across the country for the past several days, has become the enemy of many lives today. Due to the growing epidemic, now there is a possibility of dust storm in many areas of North India including Delhi-NCR. During this time, winds will blow at a speed of abo
13 May 2020 10:13  

Weather Forecast: Chance of unseasonal rain at these places
Avatar Due to western disturbances in India, there are rains in many areas of the country, and there are chances of rain in many districts. Rain is expected in northern and eastern India, especially with strong winds. According to the meteorologists about this matter, the chances of improving the weather p
05 May 2020 10:25  

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Chance of rain and hail at these places
Avatar Between the corona infection, the mood of the weather remains on the mountains of North India. In Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, till May 5, from the mountains, the plains are becoming rain. Hailstorm may also occur at some places. Snowfall is also possible on the high peaks. The sky will clear f
02 May 2020 09:57  

Uttarakhand Weather : आज भी बारिश व ओले गिरने की संभावना
Avatar उत्तराखंड में मई महीने की शुरुआत भी बारिश के साथ हो सकती है। मौसम विभाग ने मंगलवार को प्रदेश भर में बारिश के साथ ही ओलावृष्टि की संभावना जताई है। साथ ही एक मई तक बारिश होने की संभावना भी है। इस कारण तापमान में ठंडक रह सकती है। सोमवार को सुबह से दोपहर तक मौसम साफ रहा। मगर दोपहर बाद देहरादून में तेज ह
28 Apr 2020 09:06  

Uttar Pradesh Weather : आज भी खराब रह सकता है मौसम, धूल भरी आंधी और बारिश की चेतावनी
Avatar मौसम विभाग ने मंगलवार को भी उत्तर प्रदेश के कुछ स्थानों पर 30 से 40 किलोमीटर प्रति घंटे की रफ्तार से धूल भरी आंधी चलने और गरज-चमक के साथ बारिश होने की चेतावनी जारी की है। मौसम निदेशक जेपी गुप्त ने बताया कि अगले तीन दिन प्रदेश में आंधी-पानी का यह क्रम रुक-रुक कर जारी रह सकता है। आंचलिक मौसम विज्ञान क
28 Apr 2020 06:34  

Uttarakhand Weather : आज से तीन दिन तक ओले गिरने की चेतावनी
Avatar उत्तराखंड में रविवार से मौसम में बदलाव की संभावना है। मौसम विभाग ने रविवार से अगले तीन दिन तक ओलावृष्टि की चेतावनी जारी की है। वहीं 29 अप्रैल तक प्रदेश में बारिश की संभावना जताई गई है। शनिवार को देहरादून का मौसम बदलता रहा। सुबह मौसम साफ रहा और धूप खिली रही। दोपहर में तापमान में बढ़ोतरी हुई। दोपहर बा
26 Apr 2020 06:50  

Uttar Pradesh Weather : तेज आंधी व बारिश के आसार, पड़ सकते हैं ओले
Avatar देश के उत्तर पश्चिमी हिस्से के ऊपर केन्द्रित पश्चिमी विक्षोभ के कारण शनिवार को उत्तर प्रदेश के कई इलाकों में बारिश हुई। वहीं, अब अगले 36 घंटे के दौरान प्रदेश के कई इलाकों में तेज आंधी और बारिश के आसार हैं। इसके साथ-साथ कुछ जगहों पर ओले भी पड़ सकते हैं। मौसम विभाग ने कुछ जिलों में गरज-चमक के साथ तेज
26 Apr 2020 06:12  

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Weather Update: Heavy snowfall in Badrinath and Hemkund
Avatar Snowfall, rain and hailstorm in the hills of Uttarakhand on Tuesday. While most of the plains were cloudy. Talking about the capital Dehradun, the weather was clear here today. On Monday, there was heavy damage due to falling trees in the Defense Colony of Dehradun on Monday night. High altitude are
22 Apr 2020 10:42  

Weather Update: तेज हवा-बादलों से दिल्ली के तापमान में आई गिरावट
Avatar दिल्ली में तेज हवाओं और बादलों के चलते शुक्रवार को तापमान में गिरावट आई। मौसम विभाग का अनुमान है कि पश्चिमी विक्षोभ के प्रभाव से शनिवार को भी तीस से चालीस किलोमीटर प्रति घंटे की रफ्तार से हवाएं चलेंगी। दिल्ली के ज्यादातर हिस्सों में शुक्रवार सुबह हल्के बादल छाए रहे। दिन निकलने के साथ ही धूप तीखी हो
18 Apr 2020 05:43  

Delhi govt may not cancel summer break in schools
Avatar Even though the nationwide lockdown has been extended by 19 days, the Delhi government is unlikely to cancel summer vacations in schools. Although some private schools are of the view that the summer break can be advanced this year to avoid academic loss, government officials said Delhi's 'harsh wea
16 Apr 2020 09:03  

Changing weather patterns in North India, conditions will be bad for next 3 days
Avatar New Delhi: The weather is also changing its color in this disease-filled era. Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold, sometimes it's rainy. In this changing season, the risk of diseases is increasing even more. Every day, new diseases and viruses are taking birth due to changing weather. Who are be
15 Apr 2020 11:41  

Lives locked down, but learning spreads it wings online
Avatar Darshan Ram, 17, had not expected to begin his last year in school from home. Instead of leaving for school at 6.30 in the morning, the class 12 student of Bluebells School International now begins his day an hour later, in front of his computer screen. "My routine has changed since we have to atten
13 Apr 2020 23:25  

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Video app VMate’s Myth Buster simplifies WHO-sourced info on Covid-19: Here’s all you need to know
Avatar There are plenty of articles and videos on the Internet that advise you to wash hands regularly, not touch your eyes and nose and use sanitizers and masks to protect yourself from Covid-19. Alongside valid and legitimate videos, there is also a pool of unverified information on the world wide web th
12 Apr 2020 07:27  

Weather Update: दिल्ली में तेजी से बदलेगा मौसम, तेज हवा-बूंदाबांदी के आसार
Avatar दिल्ली का मौसम दो दिनों में तेज हवा और बूंदाबांदी से बदलेगा। मौसम विभाग के अनुसार, रविवार को तेज हवा चलने और सोमवार को हल्की बूंदाबांदी के आसार हैं। मंगलवार के बाद से तापमान में तेजी से इजाफा होगा और यह 40 डिग्री तक पहुंच सकता है। राजधानी दिल्ली के ज्यादातर हिस्सों में शनिवार को दिन में खासी गर्मी र
12 Apr 2020 05:43  

Weather Update: छह महीने बाद 35 डिग्री सेल्सियस के पार पहुंचा राजधानी दिल्ली का तापमान
Avatar दिल्ली में इस बार सर्दियों का मौसम लंबा खिंच गया। लगभग छह महीने बाद सोमवार को तापमान 35 डिग्री सेल्सियस के पार पहुंचा। मौसम पर निगरानी रखने वाली संस्था स्काईमेट के मुताबिक, पिछले साल 25 सितंबर को तापमान 35.1 डिग्री पर पहुंचा था। इसके बाद से लगातार तापमान इससे नीचे चल रहा था। दिल्ली में इस बार सर्दिय
08 Apr 2020 05:27  

Weather changes in Jammu, rain may possible in next two days
Avatar Jammu: On one side no one can steam the rising corona around the world, and on the other side, changing the state of Jammu, no one knows when the weather will change its form here. On Monday, many parts of the state were cloudy with light rain. According to the meteorological center Srinagar, there
31 Mar 2020 10:01  

Weather Update : मौसम ने बदला मिजाज, इन राज्यों में बारिश होने की संभावना
Avatar भारत में मार्च का महीना समाप्त होने आया है, लेकिन अभी भी मौसम का मिजाज जुदा है. बीच में पारे में थोड़ी बढ़ोतरी हुई थी मगर पिछले कुछ दिनों से फिर बादल छाए हुआ है और कई जगह बारिश से तापमान में गिरावट होती नजर आ रही है. कई राज्यों में पिछले कुछ दिनों से तेज हवाएं चल रही है, एक रात बारिश भी हुई. हालांकि
27 Mar 2020 14:14  

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Weather Update: दिल्ली में आज धूल भरी आंधी और बारिश के आसार, गिर सकते हैं ओले
Avatar दिल्ली में शुक्रवार को धूल भरी आंधी और बरसात के आसार हैं। इस दौरान कहीं-कहीं ओले भी पड़ सकते हैं। गुरुवार के दिन भी दिल्ली के कई हिस्सों में तेज हवाओं के साथ बूंदाबांदी हुई। इससे तापमान में चार डिग्री तक की गिरावट आई है। दिल्ली के ज्यादातर हिस्सों में गुरुवार सुबह से ही धूप निकली रही। दिन चढ़ने के साथ
27 Mar 2020 06:08  

World Meteorological Day: Rapid change in weather
Avatar People are troubled by changing weather patterns. Along with this, people are surprised by the extreme heat in the summer season, less rain than normal in the rainy season and more than normal rainy season. With this, Dr. SD Kotal, director of the Meteorological Department, said that the weather is
23 Mar 2020 09:52  

Tragic accident: People buried under rock on Badrinath highway
Avatar Dehradun: Today there is no one who is not disturbed due to increasing crime and incidents. Everywhere a case comes to the fore that shakes the soul deep inside. People have been troubled and frightened by the news of the death of some of the other every day. While the same question is arising in ev
21 Mar 2020 11:32  

Weather Update: दिल्ली में आज तेज हवा और बारिश से मौसम लेगा करवट
Avatar तेज हवा और बूंदाबांदी के चलते दिल्ली का मौसम शनिवार को करवट लेगा। मौसम विभाग ने अनुमान जताया है कि 40 किलोमीटर प्रतिघंटे की रफ्तार से हवा चल सकती हैं। इस दौरान बूंदबांदी और बिजली कड़कने के भी आसार हैं। दिल्ली में शुक्रवार को मौसम अपेक्षाकृत गर्म रहा। ज्यादातर हिस्सों में सुबह से ही तेज धूप निकली रही।
21 Mar 2020 05:43  

Weather Forecast: Possibility of bad weather in these areas
Avatar Summer is about to start after a lot of cold in the country and still, the weather does not seem to be stable. The heat is felt in the sun, but then the winds still in the night and morning have kept the weather cool. According to the information, it is time to fully enter the summer season. The Ind
19 Mar 2020 12:01  

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Weather Update: दिल्ली में फिर बदलेगा मौसम का मिजाज, तेज बारिश और ओलावृष्टि का अनुमान
Avatar दिल्ली में एक बार फिर से मौसम का मिजाज बिगड़ सकता है और तेज बारिश हो सकती है। गुरुवार को जहां आसमान में बादल रहने के आसार हैं, वहीं दिल्ली में 20 और 21 मार्च को बारिश और ओलावृष्टि के आसार हैं। इसके बाद 24 और 25 तारीख को भी इस तरह की स्थिति बन सकती है। मौसम विभाग के अनुसार, सप्ताहभर के बीच लगातार दो
19 Mar 2020 07:46  

India vs South Africa: India predicted XI for first ODI - Virat Kohli to play 4 pacers keeping Dharamsala weather and pitch in mind
Avatar India vs South Africa 1st ODI predictions: India going into a series on the back of 5 losses (3 ODIs and 2 Tests) on the trot is rare, considering the recent laurels of the Virat Kohli-led side. But as coach Ravi Shastri and captain Virat Kohli have time and again said (and delivered more often than
11 Mar 2020 13:54  

Meteorological Department estimates, weather patterns may change again after Holi
Avatar Dehradun: In Uttarakhand, on Monday i.e. today, March 9, 2020, it will be sunny, but Tuesday, Holi can change the mood of the weather again. On the day of Holi, where the weather is going to be dry in the plains, light rain and snowfall are expected in the mountains. The Meteorological Department re
09 Mar 2020 11:15  

Shajapur potato is now reaching foreign countries
Avatar Shajapur: The potato test produced in the district is now reaching not only the country but also abroad. The potato was sown in large part in the district due to good rain and water in the drinking water sources so far and now the potato is reaching the market. Many farmers are selling potatoes to b
07 Mar 2020 09:23  

Women's T20 World Cup: Team India reaches finals, semi-final cancel due to rain
Avatar Sydney: The first semi-final match of the Women's T20 World Cup played between India and England today i.e. on Thursday was canceled due to rain. Due to this, India managed to enter the final of the tournament for the first time. India's captain Harmanpreet Kaur and England captain Heather Knight bo
05 Mar 2020 13:43  

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Weather Forecast: It may rain heavily in these areas
Avatar Due to continuous rains in many areas of India, the heat could not be realized, but in the month of February, people started getting sunshine in parts of Uttarabharat. However, the weather has remained stable for the last few days. On Wednesday, there was rain in many parts, due to which the weather
05 Mar 2020 12:55  

Locusts pose severe threat to agriculture in India
Avatar Armies of locusts swarming across continents pose a "severe risk" to India's agriculture this year, the UN has warned, prompting the authorities to step up vigil, deploy drones to detect their movement and hold talks with Pakistan, the most likely gateway for an invasion by the insects, on ways to m
01 Mar 2020 02:41  

Weather Forecast: Summer come close, Meteorological Department issued rain alert
Avatar There has been a lot of change in the weather since the end of Shivratri, but now the month of March is going to knock which is often seen in summer. The last phase of the month of February is going on and since now the sun is so strong that people are beginning to feel the heat. There is only one q
26 Feb 2020 12:03  

Chhattisgarh Weather Update: It may rain in many parts of state
Avatar The mood of the state has changed for the last three days due to the cyclonic storm that engulfed the sky of Chhattisgarh. The impact of the cyclone has reached the capital Raipur via North Chhattisgarh. On the other hand, with the effect, rains and hailstorms also occurred in many districts includi
26 Feb 2020 10:29  

Hail storm occurs in many areas of Chhattisgarh, it may rain in March
Avatar Raipur: Hail has been seen in many areas in North Chhattisgarh. On Sunday, large-sized hail fell in Ambikapur, Pendra and surrounding areas with rain. The effect of this changed weather will remain in the state till February 25. Due to this, there is a possibility of rain and hail in the northern pa
24 Feb 2020 11:05  

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NASA discovers water on Jupiter's Atmosphere
Avatar Washington: We all know that there are many things in the Universe, which no one knows about. At the same time, scientists of the US Space Agency NASA recently claimed that water is present in the atmosphere of Earth's neighboring planet 'Jupiter', but its distribution is completely uneven. Accordin
24 Feb 2020 09:42  

Weather Forecast: Snowfall and rain likely at these places
Avatar Weather patterns in India are changing with every day. The temperature is constantly increasing. But once again the weather is going to turn. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of rain or snowfall in the western Himalayas from February 20 to February 2
16 Feb 2020 09:56  

India vs New Zealand 2nd ODI: Auckland weather and pitch report - Chances of rain in the afternoon at Eden Park
Avatar India take on New Zealand in the second ODI at Eden Park in Auckland on Saturday with the series on the line. This has largely been the case for India in whatever ODI they have played in between a host of T20Is. In their last two home series - against West Indies and Australia - they came from 0-1 d
08 Feb 2020 06:00  

Uncontrolled aircraft during landing split into three pieces in Istanbul, 52 injured
Avatar Istanbul: Due to the increasing incidents day by day, everyone is worried, while there was a big air crash in the Turkish capital Istanbul. An aircraft carrying 177 people at Istanbul airport slipped off the runway during landing. The aircraft broke into three parts after landing in bad weather. One
06 Feb 2020 09:56  

Now, from a height of 150 feet, you can see Taj
Avatar Agra: You must have seen the Taj very closely. But have you imagined what it would be like to sit in the air at a height of 150 feet and crown the crown symbol of love? Yes, in the coming time, you will not only be able to sit in the air and look at the Taj but will also be able to eat with your par
31 Jan 2020 10:22  

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Crisis on wheat crop in Jammu and Kashmir, rain increases moisture in grains
Avatar Jammu: After the basmati in the plains, the crisis on the wheat crop has started looming. In contrast, the rain will prove beneficial for wheat production in Kandi areas. In the plains, Jammu, Kathua and Samba, the wheat crop was delayed due to bad weather. The process of rain has continued since th
30 Jan 2020 18:04  

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