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[YouTube] Baldo Gameplay Trailer
Avatar The prophecy came true, the pure child is born . The no heart creature sealed in the underworld by the wise owls is about to rise again. The game is set in the world of Rodia , a journey into a magical land full of mysteries to discover. Baldo is an action adventure rpg, full of puzzles and intricat
07 Jun 2019 21:30  

[YouTube] Hollow Knight: Silksong - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch
Avatar Ascend to the Peak of a Haunted Kingdom! As Hornet, princess-protector of Hallownest, adventure through a whole new kingdom ruled by silk and song. Captured and brought this unfamiliar land, Hornet must battle foes and solve mysteries as she ascends on a deadly pilgrimage to the kingdom’s peak. Holl
14 Feb 2019 19:30  

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