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Ekta Kapoor never shares her son Ravie Kapoor’s pictures on social media. Tusshar Kapoor reveals why
Avatar It was on Mother's Day recently when Ekta Kapoor shared a family photo on social media that had her father, mother, brother and nephew, and it made everyone wonder why was Ekta's son, Ravie missing from the picture. Though both Ekta and her brother, Tusshar Kapoor, have posted baby Ravie's pictures
07 Jun 2019 11:40  

[YouTube] 10 Baby Care Skills Every New Parent Should Learn
Avatar As much as a newborn brings joy, it brings an equal amount of responsibility as well. New parents usually go through a bumpy ride when taking care of a baby, which involves issues like lack of sleep, soothing the baby, and feeding. Take, for example, changing diapers. It’s not the most complicated t
01 Jun 2019 23:30  

[YouTube] Why Parenting in India Is So Unique
Avatar With 25 million babies born each year (compared to 4 million annually in the US), it’s easy to see that India knows a thing or two about parenting. Even the most mischievous of kids avoid punishment here, and there’s a great reason for such an approach. So, how to be good parents according to Indian
13 Apr 2019 16:30  

[YouTube] Worst Animal Parents EVER!
Avatar Our parents are certainly not perfect, and yes, they have their faults… but after watching this video, you’re going to be so much more forgiving of them! Parents in the animal kingdom take parenting fails to the next level as you’re soon to find out! Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr Watch
02 Apr 2019 05:00  

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