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Sezal Sharma ‘appalled’ by media wrongly using her photos for Sejal Sharma’s suicide, says her loved ones panicked
Avatar Actor Sezal Sharma, who has been receiving several condolence messages after Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji actor Sejal Sharma committed suicide, assured her fans and well-wishers that she is hale and hearty. Sezal said that there has been a lot of confusion due to the similarity in their names, which was fur
27 Jan 2020 17:26  

Bigg Boss 13: Asim Riaz’s father slams Vindu Dara Singh for hateful comment against son, this is his response
Avatar Bigg Boss 13 contestant Asim Riaz continues to be a fan favourite even as his constant run-ins with friend-turned-foe Sidharth Shukla continue to make news. Now his father Riaz Ahmed Choudhary has come out in his support and slammed Vindu Dara Singh for calling him 'chuslet' and blaming him for his
21 Jan 2020 15:09  

नागरिकता विरोध: पुलिसवालों को गुलाब का फूल देती लड़की पर फिदा हुए बॉलीवुड सितारे, महेश भट्ट-करणवीर बोहरा ने तारीफ
Avatar संशोधित नागरिकता कानून के विरोध में प्रदर्शन कर रहे लोगों ने गुरुवार को जंतर मंतर पर सुरक्षा बलों को गुलाब के फूल दिए और कहा कि पुलिस जितना चाहें उन्हें लाठी मार सकती है, लेकिन उनका संदेश 'घृणा के बदले में प्यार' है। इसी बीच एक लड़की की फोटो को लोग खूब पसंद कर रहे हैं, लड़की पुलिसकर्मियों को मुस्कुर
20 Dec 2019 10:53  

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