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[YouTube] Committed A Mistake By Voting For BJP, Says Bhumihar Community Member
Avatar On "The Countdown Bihar", NDTV's Prannoy Roy speaks with farmers of the Bhumihar community in the state, who have traditionally been voting for the BJP. However, this time they say that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government has not done anything for the poor. "We committed a mistake by vot
17 May 2019 01:02  

“Modiji ke pakode” protests at Chandigarh
Avatar People who had gathered at the venue of an election rally by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Chandigarh witnessed a novel protest on Tuesday, with a group of activists dressed in graduation robes turning up to sell what they termed as 'Modiji ke pakode '. The protest was held in response to a contro
15 May 2019 15:11  

[YouTube] Priyanka Gandhi Navjot Sindhu Road Show में मिले Congress और BJP के intolerant volunteers | Modi
Avatar Loksabha Elections 2019: In Pathankot, Gurdaspur Loksabha constituency Priyanka Gandhi did a road show to support their candidate Sunil Jakhar (Punjab congress incharge) along with Navjot Singh Sidhu & Captain Amrinder Singh. Priyanka targeted Sunny Deol & Narendra Modi for their false promises. Her
15 May 2019 15:00  

[YouTube] Rahul Gandhi For PM? Trinamool Sources Say Anything To Get PM Modi Out
Avatar Narendra Modi should not return to power at any cost and for that, Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress is ready to accept Rahul Gandhi as the next Prime Minister, sources in the party indicated. Referring to DMK chief MK Stalin's pitch again today, to make Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister, a source
15 May 2019 00:17  

[YouTube] BSP chief Mayawati hits back at PM Modi over Alwar gangrape case
Avatar While addressing a press conference, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his remarks that she was shedding "crocodile tears" over the Alwar gangrape incident and accused him of doing "dirty politics". She said that under PM Modi regime, people did no
13 May 2019 13:19  

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There is no bigger riot-monger than PM Modi: Mamata Banerjee
Avatar Kolkata: On Sunday, Trinamool (TMC) supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee attack Narendra Modi and took a low blow at the Prime Minister after she called him the “biggest riot monger” in the country. “There is no bigger riot-monger than Narendra Modi. I remember, w
13 May 2019 10:08  

ममता बोलीं- बंगाल में चुनाव की आड़ में मोदी चला रहे समानांतर सरकार
Avatar पश्चिम बंगाल की मुख्यमंत्री ममता बनर्जी ने रविवार को पीएम नरेंद्र मोदी पर जमकर हमला बोला. ममता ने पीएम मोदी पर चुनाव की आड़ में बंगाल में समानांतर सरकार चलाने का आरोप लगाया. उन्होंने कहा कि हम सबकुछ चुपचाप सह रहे हैं. लेकिन इसे हमारी कमजोरी न समझा जाए. साउथ 24 परगना जिले में एक चुनावी रैली को संबोधि
12 May 2019 21:02  

Lok Sabha Elections 2019:Battle shifts to eastern UP poll arena in 6th phase
Avatar Voting is taking place in 14 Lok Sabha constituencies in eastern Uttar Pradesh in the sixth and penultimate round of polling on Sunday.Another 13 seats in the eastern part of the state will go to polls in the last phase on May 19.Barring Azamgarh, the BJP had won all the other sixth-phase seats in 2
12 May 2019 08:23  

[YouTube] Battleground 2019: Bitter And Personal?
Avatar It is quite common for politicians to pass comments and level accusations against rival parties and candidates during election campaign rallies. But has the campaign for 2019 general elections has touched unprecedented lows? In the past five phases, we've seen below-the-belt attacks and counter-atta
12 May 2019 01:25  

[YouTube] Asked Pakistan government, not ISI to probe Pathankot attack: PM Modi
Avatar In an exclusive interview to News Nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a variety of questions. PM Modi discussed India's growth story in the last 5 years and explained how the opposition is finding it hard to unite against the 'politics of development'. PM discussed Lok Sabha elections, India's
12 May 2019 00:18  

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[YouTube] "Learnt from PM how Not To Run A Country": Rahul Gandhi To NDTV's Ravish Kumar
Avatar Rahul Gandhi today delivered his critique of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's performance with a jibe on what he had learnt from him. "Narendra Modi-ji has shown me how not to run a country," the Congress president told NDTV's Ravish Kumar in an interview. NDTV is one of the leaders in the production
11 May 2019 23:51  

[YouTube] Dinesh lal yadav Nirahua latest bhojpuri films, Politics, Akhilesh yadav, Narendra modi पर क्या बोले
Avatar Loksabha Elections 2019 : Interview of Bhojpuri superstar Dinesh lal yadav alias Nirahua contesting from Azamgarh against SP cheif Akhilesh Yadav in which he speaks about Big Boss, Bhojpuri films, latest bhojpuri films, Ravi kishan, Manoj tiwari, khesari lal and Narendra modi. Install The Lallantop
11 May 2019 21:16  

[YouTube] Watch Zee News Exclusive: Sudhir Chaudhary interviews Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Avatar In an exclusive interview with Zee News Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary, the PM said that he is supremely confident of the NDA getting re-elected with a much bigger mandate in 2019. Watch this video to know more. #loksabhaelections2019 #bjp #congress #dna #sudhirchaudhary #politicalinterview
10 May 2019 07:27  

[YouTube] PM Narendra Modi addresses a rally in Delhi's Ramlila Maidan
Avatar Several leaders and political bigwigs will continue with their high-octave electioneering across the country and held election rallies and roadshows on Wednesday. Watch this video to know more. #pmmodi #loksabhaelections2019 #loksabhapolls #BJP #Congress #PMNarendraModi
08 May 2019 20:06  

[YouTube] Amit Shah Exclusive Interview: मैं Polarisation को गलत नहीं मानता, यह हमेशा से होता रहा है !
Avatar Amit Shah Exclusive Interview: मैं Polarisation को गलत नहीं मानता, यह हमेशा से होता रहा है ! #AmitShah #AmitShahExclusiveInterview #LokSabhaElection2019 Amit Shah inkhabar, Amit Shah inkhabar Interview, Amit Shah Interview, Amit Shah Exclusive Interview, Amit Shah Interview India News, Amit Shah on
08 May 2019 13:53  

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Time up for PM Narendra Modi: Rahul Gandhi
Avatar The Congress has announced that under the scheme, the party, if voted to power, will give Rs 72,000 per year to 20% to poorest families in the country.
08 May 2019 13:11  

[YouTube] Amit Shah Exclusive Interview: जातिवाद, परिवारवाद और तुष्टिकरण की राजनीति अब समाप्त हो गई है
Avatar Amit Shah Exclusive Interview: जातिवाद, परिवारवाद और तुष्टिकरण की राजनीति अब समाप्त हो गई है | #AmitShah #AmitShahExclusiveInterview #LokSabhaElection2019 Amit Shah Newsx, Amit Shah Newsx Interview, Amit Shah Interview, Amit Shah Exclusive Interview, Amit Shah Interview India News, Amit Shah on Indi
08 May 2019 13:07  

DU teachers divided over PM Modi’s remark on Rajiv Gandhi
Avatar Delhi University teachers are divided over the issue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remark about former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. While a group of 207 teachers issued a public statement condemning Modi's remark about Gandhi during a political rally, another group of 121 supported the Prime Min
08 May 2019 01:31  

Modi needs a 'slap of democracy' : West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee
Avatar Kolkata: Attacking on Prime Minister Narendra ModWest Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday said that he needs a 'slap of democracy' and reportedly likened him to Raavan and Duryodhan. The war of the words started between Modi and Banerjee began with a heated exchange of words over PM Nar
07 May 2019 16:57  

Power supply, mobile connectivity eludes Odisha two days after Cyclone Fani
Avatar Two days after Cyclone Fani ripped through the Odisha coast, the Naveen Patnaik government seems to be struggling to restore power supply and mobile connectivity in Puri district and state capital of Bhubaneswar even as riots broke out in several places over demand for food, drinking water and polyt
05 May 2019 22:33  

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फानी के नुकसान की जानकारी के लिए फोन करते रहे मोदी, ममता ने नहीं की बात
Avatar तृणमूल कांग्रेस (टीएमसी) के नेताओं ने प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी पर आरोप लगाया कि उन्होंने फानी तूफान के संबंध में ओडिशा के मुख्यमंत्री नवीन पटनायक से बात की, लेकिन सीएम ममता बनर्जी को उन्होंने फोन नहीं किया. टीएमसी नेताओं के इस दावे को प्रधानमंत्री कार्यालय (पीएमओ) से जुड़े सूत्रों ने गलत करार दिया
05 May 2019 15:31  

[YouTube] "Your Father's Life Ended As 'Corrupt No. 1'": PM Modi To Rahul Gandhi
Avatar Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched a blistering attack on Congress President Rahul Gandhi as he said at a rally in Uttar Pradesh that the life of his father, former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, ended as "corrupt number 1". PM Modi also referred to the Congress chief's incessant attack
05 May 2019 00:26  

In sixth clean chit, poll panel clears PM Modi's Gujarat speech
Avatar The Election Commission cleared Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday of any wrongdoing in a complaint by the Congress of violating the model code of conduct in speeches made in Gujarat’s Patan earlier this month.With this, the poll watchdog has cleared the PM in six cases of alleged violation of
03 May 2019 21:29  

They mocked, then protested and now they say 'me too me too;" PM Modi attacks Congress over six surgical strikes claim
Avatar Sikar: Attacking on Congress Party over demanding the evidence of the Balakot air strike, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that 'surgical strikes are not video game.' While addressing to a rally in Rajasthan's Sikar, PM ridiculed Congress' claim of carrying out six surgical strikes during
03 May 2019 17:14  

टॉप 10 न्यूज: ओडिशा के पुरी में चक्रवाती तूफान 'फेनी' ने दी दस्तक, तेज हवाओं के साथ हो रही है भारी बारिश; पढ़ें देश और दुनिया की प्रमुख खबरें
Avatar 1- LIVE: ओडिशा में 'फेनी' की दस्तक,तेज हवाओं के साथ हो रही है भारी बारिशचक्रवाती तूफान फेनी के पूर्वी तट की ओर मुड़ने के कारण ओडिशा में 11 लाख लोगों को तटीय इलाकों से निकाला गया। यह देश का अब तक सबसे बड़ा आपदा पूर्व अभियान है।2- फेनी:11 लाख लोग निकाले गए सुरक्षित,अलर्ट पर तीनों सेनाएं;10 प्वाइंट्सचक
03 May 2019 09:24  

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Cyclone Fani hits poll campaign in Jharkhand
Avatar The extremely severe cyclonic storm Fani, which is expected to make landfall near Puri in Odisha by Friday afternoon, has hit Jharkhand's political campaign when the election process is at its peak. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Jharkhand visit was deferred for a day, while chief minister Yogi Adit
03 May 2019 09:14  

Lok Sabha elections 2019: Backed by RSS, Pragya Thakur emerges as new Hindutva mascot
Avatar The torture that she allegedly endured in prison and her resolve to punish those who coined the term "saffron terror" is the fulcrum of Pragya Singh Thakur's election campaign.To Thakur, 49, being chosen as the Bhopal candidate of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) is recompense for her incarceration a
03 May 2019 07:30  

Rahul and Kejriwal cried like their cousins were killed: Amit Shah jibe on opposition
Avatar New Delhi: On Wednesday, the momentum is building for the fifth, sixth and seventh phases of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections and politicians continue to engage in mudslinging tactics, with Bharatiya Janata Party president and Gandhinagar Lok Sabha candidate Amit Shah taking potshots at Congress pres
02 May 2019 08:55  

[YouTube] Is Modi-Shah the most spectacular pair of politics?
Avatar In this segment know, Why & How Narendra Modi-Amit Shah pair is 'Political Jodi no. 1?'
02 May 2019 00:23  

Sacked BSF jawan Tej Bahadur's nomination from Varanasi against PM Modi rejected
Avatar Shalini Yadav, the Samajwadi Party’s first choice to contest the Varanasi seat against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, made a comeback in the poll race after the election officer rejected the nomination papers of her replacement, Tej Bahadur Yadav.Tej Bahadur Yadav’s nomination papers were rejected be
01 May 2019 15:47  

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Now, complimentary stay at meditation cave in Kedarnath
Avatar The Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) is devising strategies to popularise meditation cave built in Kedarnath last year as per Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision.Rudra meditation cave, which GMVN officials say, was built after Modi suggested the concept of meditation caves in the area, is located
01 May 2019 17:27  

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Bulls enter poll arena: no joking matter
Avatar Imagine the plight of a poor chopper pilot if a beast decides to park its behind on a helipad? Does he have any option but to hover above while someone courageous enough tries to shoo it away.This is precisely what happened on April 25 at a joint rally held by BSP chief Mayawati and her Samajwadi Pa
01 May 2019 17:24  

[YouTube] PM Narendra Modi hits out at 'Opposition' at Maya Bazar rally
Avatar Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday attacked the troika of Congress, Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi Party at a rally here while skipping any mention of Ram Temple. Watch this video to know more. #loksabhaelections2019 #pmmodi #opposition
01 May 2019 20:37  

Lok Sabha Election 2019: ‘My opponents even sought help from Pak to get me removed’
Avatar Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday his political opponents were so rattled by his government's aggressive action against black money and corruption that they had now ganged up against him, with some even having visited Pakistan to take 'help' for the purpose. He also said when bomb blasts
01 May 2019 16:08  

[YouTube] Lanka banned Zakir Naik, Digvijaya praised him: PM Modi jabs Cong veteran
Avatar Addressing an election rally in Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted Congress candidate from Bhopal, Digvijaya Singh. The Prime Minister cited Sri Lanka's actions after the recent terror attacks which killed over 250 people on the island nation. PM Modi said that whil
01 May 2019 19:19  

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‘Congress is in focus in UP because of efforts put in by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’: Harish Rawat
Avatar All India Congress Committee general secretary Harish Rawat accompanied party president Rahul Gandhi when he, along with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, held a roadshow in Lucknow recently. During his visit to the state capital, Rawat urged the Election Commission to play the role of an active umpire to prov
01 May 2019 14:44  

Modi ji, aap toh bahut kamzor nikale. Desh ka jawan jeet gaya: Arvind Kejriwal mocks PM
Avatar New Delhi/Varanasi: On Wednesday, the Election Commission rejected the nomination of dismissed Border Security Force (BSF) jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav as Samajwadi Party candidate from Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency, from where Prime Minister Narendra Modi is contesting. Commenting on the matter, Delhi
01 May 2019 17:31  

Shiv Sena demands ban on burqa in public places, cites Sri Lanka
Avatar The Shiv Sena on Wednesday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to follow Sri Lanka's footsteps to ban the burqa across the country. Calling for the burqa ban, Shiv Sena said in an editorial that when it could be done in "Ravan's Lanka, when will it happen in Ram's Ayodhya?" The Sena said that the ban
01 May 2019 10:31  

‘SP, BSP’s blood pressure shoots up when they see love for me’: PM Modi in Ayodhya
Avatar Prime Ministry Narendra Modi attacked the Samajwadi Party-Bahujan Samaj Party alliance on Tuesday and said that they worried about the BJP's popularity among the masses.Addressing a rally at Ambedkar Nagar near Ayodhya, PM Modi said, "Whenever they see the support for me among the people, the blood
01 May 2019 12:23  

With split in INLD, Jat votes hold the key in Bhiwani-Mahendragarh Lok Sabha seat
Avatar Ramkaran Singh, 53, a small-scale farmer from Bamla village in Bhiwani bought a new motorcycle recently. His son, Amit, cleared the state government's group D exam earlier this year. "No one in our family has ever got a government job. It is because this government is honest and gives jobs on merit
01 May 2019 13:02  

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PM Narendra Modi’s Sister-in-law died in Ahmedabad losing a battle of prolonged illness
Avatar Ahmedabad: On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's sister-in-law, Bhagwati, died in Gujarat's Ahmedabad after losing a battle with a prolonged illness. Here it is to be noted that she was admitted to a hospital in Ahmedabad, where she died this morning after suffering a cardiac arrest.She died
01 May 2019 16:15  

गढ़चिरौली में नक्सलियों ने किया IED ब्लास्ट, 15 कमांडो शहीद
Avatar नक्सलियों ने महाराष्ट्र के गढ़चिरौली में बड़ा आईईडी ब्लास्ट किया है, जिसमें 15 कमांडो शहीद हो गए हैं. इस हमले में गाड़ी का ड्राइवर भी मारा गया है. नक्सलियों ने C60 कमांडो की गश्ती टीम पर घात लगाकर हमला किया. पिछले 2 सालों में महाराष्ट्र में नक्सलियों का यह सबसे बड़ा हमला माना जा रहा है. सर्च ऑपरेशन
01 May 2019 13:56  

[YouTube] PM's Speech In Maharashtra Doesn't Violate Model Code: Election Body
Avatar Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech at Maharashtra's Wardha, where he accused the Congress of insulting the Hindus through its party chief Rahul Gandhi's candidature from Kerala's Wayanad, does not violate the Model Code, the Election Commission said today. This is the first time the Commission to
01 May 2019 00:31  

[YouTube] पीएम मोदी के लिए ऐसा बोली बच्ची कि सब हैरान रह गए
Avatar पीएम Narendra Modi के लिए इस बच्ची ने कुछ ऐसा बोला कि सब हैरान रह गए! (Anjana Om Kashyap के साथ) #Vertical #LoksabhaElections2019 #Varanasi #UttarPradesh
30 Apr 2019 20:31  

PM Modi addresses high-pitched political campaign rallies in Bihar and UP, today
Avatar On Tuesday, the high-pitched political campaign will continue across the country with leaders from several parties wooing voters for the Lok Sabha election 2019. Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address rallies in Bihar's Muzaffarpur, Uttar Pradesh's Bahraich and Barabanki today. Congress urges Elect
30 Apr 2019 10:15  

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‘मोदी की जाति’ पर छिड़ी जंग में कूदे जेटली, PM ने कभी नहीं की कास्ट पॉलीटिक्स
Avatar लोकसभा चुनाव में जातिगत राजनीति के बोलबाले के बीच वित्त मंत्री अरुण जेटली ने बड़ा दावा किया है. उन्होंने विपक्ष पर हमला बोलते हुए रविवार को दावा किया कि प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने कभी जातिगत राजनीति नहीं की और वह राष्ट्रवाद से प्रेरित हैं. उन्होंने सिर्फ विकास की राजनीति की है. बता दें कि वित्तमंत
28 Apr 2019 22:31  

PM Modi hits back at Maya: I’m from a most backward caste
Avatar Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday thanked BSP chief Mayawati, Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav and the Congress for starting a discussion on their acerbic comment dubbing Modi as a ‘fake OBC’. At rallies in Hardoi, Kannaujand Sitapur, Modi said, “As you are playing t
28 Apr 2019 13:59  

Mamata Banerjee, Mayawati, and Chandrababu Naidu top contenders for the PM post: Sharad Pawar
Avatar New Delhi: National Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar has backed West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu and former Uttar Pradesh CM Mayawati as top contenders for the Prime Minister’s post if the NDA fails to win a majority after the Lok Sabha election. Mr. Pawar t
28 Apr 2019 10:16  

एक क्लिक में पढें, शनिवार 27 अप्रैल 2019 की सभी बड़ी खबरें
Avatar 11:55 PM गोपालगंज के माझा में मुख्यमंत्री नीतीश कुमार कल करेंगे चुनावी रैली 11:35 PM महाराष्ट्र: नालासोपारा में कैंसर पीड़‍ित 43 वर्षीय जेट एयरवेज के कर्मचारी ने की खुदकुशी #Maharashtra: A 43-year-old Jet Airways employee who was suffering from cancer for the past three years, allegedly committed su
27 Apr 2019 23:45  

Rahul Gandhi summoned by Patna Court on defamation suit
Avatar Patna: On Saturday, a Patna Court summoned Congress President Rahul Gandhi. The Court asked the Congress president to appear before it on May 20, in connection with a defamation suit against him by Bihar Deputy Chief Minister and BJP leader Sushil Modi. On Friday, the Bihar deputy CM appeared before
27 Apr 2019 17:28  

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PM Modi killed 40 CRPF troops in Pulwama: Vasant Purkhe
Avatar Mumbai: Former Maharashtra Education Minister Vasant Purkhe allegead that PM Modi murdered 40 people in Pulwama. Purkhe was campaigning for Maharashtra Congress candidate blamed Modi for the Pulwama terrorist attack in which 40 Central Reserve Police Force troops. In rally, Purkhe said, “Modi
27 Apr 2019 17:08  

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