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In 5-point letter, Sonia Gandhi asks PM Modi to go into austerity mode
Avatar Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, offering five suggestions to tackle coronavirus disease Covid-19. She also asked the Prime Minister to suspend Rs 20,000 crore central vista beautification and construction project forthwith. "Austerity measur
07 Apr 2020 13:48  

Sonia Gandhi Writes To PM Modi, give 5 suggestions to fight corona
Avatar New Delhi: Coronavirus cases are increasing in the country and many tough decisions are being taken by the government to deal with this epidemic. In the past, PM Narendra Modi had discussed the phone with the leaders of the opposition and asked for suggestions to deal with Corona. Now the interim pr
07 Apr 2020 17:08  

Disappointed as no financial package announced: Chidambaram on PM's address
Avatar Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Friday criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's video message broadcast this morning, saying "symbolism" is important but serious thought to ideas and measures is equally important.
03 Apr 2020 12:33  

Arjun Kapoor, Manushi Chhillar Support PM Narendra Modi's #9PM9Mins Call to Light up Lamps
Avatar Bollywood celebrities came out in support of PM Modi's 9 PM 9 minute call. Arjun Kapoor, Shekhar Ravjiani, Manushi Chhillar, Swanand Kirkire and others tweeted in response to PM's call.
03 Apr 2020 12:38  

‘April 5, 9 pm’: PM Modi urges people to fight Covid-19 darkness with light
Avatar Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday hailed the efforts put in by the people and authorities to make the 21-day lockdown to fight coronavirus disease Covid-19 a success. "The discipline and sense of service you showed, is unprecedented. The people and administration have tried to make this routine
03 Apr 2020 09:17  

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PM Modi asked for 9 minutes, says, 'Show the strength of 130 crore countrymen on April 5'
Avatar New Delhi: In the country's war against the Corona virus epidemic, PM Narendra Modi has once again appealed to the countrymen. In his video message on Friday morning, PM Modi said that he wants nine minutes of public on this Sunday i.e. 5th April. PM Modi told the countrymen that on 5 April at 9 pm,
03 Apr 2020 10:15  

पीएम मोदी ने देश से मांगे 9 मिनिट, कहा- 5 अप्रैल को दिखाएं 130 करोड़ देशवासियों की ताकत
Avatar नई दिल्ली: कोरोना वायरस महामारी के खिलाफ देश की जंग में पीएम नरेंद्र मोदी ने देशवासियों से एक बार फिर अपील की है। शुक्रवार सुबह अपने वीडियो संदेश में पीएम मोदी ने कहा कि वह इस रविवार यानी 5 अप्रैल को जनता के नौ मिनट चाहते हैं। पीएम मोदी ने देशवासियों से कहा कि 5 अप्रैल को रात को नौ बजे, नौ मिनट तक ल
03 Apr 2020 09:39  

PM Modi to share video message with people at 9 am
Avatar Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who announced the 21-day national lockdown in a late evening televised address to the nation on March 24, on Thursday said that he would share a video message with "fellow Indians" tomorrow morning. "At 9 AM tomorrow morning, I'll share a small video message with my fel
02 Apr 2020 17:53  

PM to address the country again, will release video message
Avatar New Delhi: Amidst the outbreak of Coronavirus, PM Narendra Modi will address the nation once again tomorrow. He will address the countrymen at nine in the morning. In this connection, he said that I will share the video message with the countrymen. Earlier, in the midst of increasing cases of Corona
02 Apr 2020 20:03  

No Corona patient found on eighth day of lockdown, city gets sigh of relief
Avatar Gwalior: Wednesday has been a day of relief for Gwalior. On the eighth day of the lockdown, for the first time, the police showed such strictness that every shop remained closed from the main market to the street, and no one could be seen outside the house. People did not get out of the houses after
02 Apr 2020 12:03  

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Covid-19: For years PM did this to stay fit, now Ayush ministry advises it too
Avatar Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday emphasised the need to be fit and urged people to follow Ayush ministry's protocols on ways to improve health and immunity amid the coronavirus pandemic. Of the many easily doable things in Ayush ministry's protocol list, the Prime Minister said he himself h
02 Apr 2020 06:52  

PM Modi's marathon meeting on Corona today, will discuss with all CM of country
Avatar New Delhi: Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the country. So far around 1800 people have come under the grip of this virus, so 57 people have also died. Due to this, the central and state governments are working on their own level to deal with the coronavirus. Till now PM Narendra Modi's governmen
02 Apr 2020 10:12  

6-day-old newborn infected with corona in Maharashtra, father seeks help from PM Modi
Avatar Mumbai: A newborn of six days is also involved in 33 new cases of Coronavirus which came in Maharashtra on Wednesday. Her 26-year-old mother and a nurse have also fallen victim to Corona. The number of people suffering from this epidemic has increased to 335 in the state. The total number of people
02 Apr 2020 09:26  

‘Complete lockdown essential,’ says Mamata after Covid-19 figures jump in Bengal
Avatar The number of Covid-19 patients in West Bengal jumped from 27 on Tuesday to 37 on Wednesday, with three more people reportedly testing positive for the disease posthumously, the state's daily bulletin on coronavirus revealed on Wednesday. Chief minister Mamata Banerjee escalated preparations for a w
02 Apr 2020 05:19  

[YouTube] सफाई कर्मचारी की प्रधानमंत्री मोदी से अपील
Avatar लॉकडाउन में एक सफाई कर्मचारी की प्रधानमंत्री Narendra Modi से अपील! RML अस्पताल पहुंचने के लिए साईकिल से रोजाना 22 किलोमीटर सफ़र तय करते हैं 54 साल के देशराज। पंकज जैन की #ReporterDiary अन्य वीडियो: http://bit.ly/IndiaTodaySocial
31 Mar 2020 20:51  

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PM Modi shares yoga video amid lockdown
Avatar New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday shared a video of another yoga posture on social media to motivate people to stay fit amid the ongoing lockdown in the country due to Coronavirus. Posting the video on Twitter, PM Modi wrote that whenever I get time, I practice yoga sleep 1-2 times a week. It k
31 Mar 2020 12:11  

Gauri Khan is learning makeup tips from daughter Suhana during lockdown. See new pic
Avatar Actor Shah Rukh Khan's wife, designer Gauri Khan, is learning makeup tips from their daughter Suhana. Gauri took to Instagram and shared a picture of Suhana, and wrote that she's spending her time during the nationwide lockdown acquiring new skills from Suhana. She wrote in the caption of the post,
31 Mar 2020 07:42  

Modi government's big statement on extending 21 days lockdown
Avatar New Delhi: The central government has clarified that the 21-day lockdown issued across the country will not be carried forward due to the coronavirus. There was speculation that the lockdown could be extended further. The government clarified that they have no such plans. Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gau
30 Mar 2020 12:47  

PM Modi apologizes to countrymen for lock down, says, 'I understand your pain'
Avatar New Delhi: In the view of coronavirus crisis, PM Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day lockdown in the country. Since then, everything except the essential services have been locked in the entire country. PM Modi has apologized to the people of the country on Sunday in 'Mann Ki Baat'. He has expresse
29 Mar 2020 13:04  

Corona infection spreading fast, reaches 1000 from 100 in 13 days
Avatar New Delhi: Coronavirus has been increasing in the country. The number of coronavirus infections in the country has increased to more than 1000. So far 24 people have died due to this virus. The number of patients has increased rapidly in Maharashtra and Kerala. By March 15, there were about 100 case
29 Mar 2020 10:05  

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कोरोना के खिलाफ जंग में अक्षय कुमार ने दान किए 25 करोड़ रुपए, PM मोदी ने दिया ये रिएक्शन
Avatar कोरोना वायरस के खिलाफ जंग में केंद्र सरकार ने 'प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र नागरिक सहायता एवं आपात स्थिति राहत कोष' के ऐलान के तुरंत बाद अभिनेता अक्षय कुमार ने 25 करोड़ रुपये दान देने की घोषणा की है। अक्षय कुमार ने कहा कि मैंने अपनी बचत से पीएम मोदी के PM-CARES फंड में 25 करोड़ रुपये का योगदान करने की प्रति
29 Mar 2020 06:52  

PM Modi to do Mann Ki Baat today, will make big announcement about 'Corona'
Avatar New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi will address the country today at 11 am with his radio program 'Mann Ki Baat'. Today's program will focus on the present situation of the coronavirus. PM Modi tweeted today praising the participation of youth in the fight against Corona. PM Modi tweeted and wrote that, 'Y
29 Mar 2020 09:47  

PM Modi’s Mann ki Baat today to focus on ‘prevailing Covid-19 situation’
Avatar Prime Minister Narendra Modi's latest episode of Mann ki Baat on Sunday will focus on the coronavirus pandemic. 'Tune in tomorrow at 11 (AM). Tomorrow's episode will be focused on the situation prevailing due to COVID-19," Modi tweeted.   Tune in tomorrow at 11. Tomorrow's episode will be focused on
29 Mar 2020 05:40  

Covid-19: What you need to know today
Avatar By Thursday evening it was clear that the US would overtake China to become the country with the most number of Covid-19 cases in the world. As on Friday evening (India time), the country had over 94,000cases, and had seen more than 1,400deaths on account of Sars-CoV-2, the virus causing the pandemi
28 Mar 2020 04:54  

PM Modi on G20 summit, says, '90% of Corona cases being received in these countries'
Avatar New Delhi: The country's PM Narendra Modi on Thursday evening interacted with the heads of the G20 group member nations through video conferencing. In this virtual meeting with PM Modi, National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval and Foreign Minister S.K. Jaishankar was also present. In this meeting
27 Mar 2020 15:12  

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PM Modi shares a message of a small girl, video goes viral
Avatar The current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi shared a video on his Twitter handle, in which a small girl is seen giving a message to her father. This video has been shared giving information regarding the lockdown imposed on Coronavirus. In this, the child can be heard at the end of the video s
27 Mar 2020 13:00  

Four crore Indian will be infected by Corona: Report
Avatar New Delhi: If you are thinking that lockdown is the only correct way to protect against corona virus infection, then you are thinking wrong. An international organization has claimed that the Corona virus infection has just started spreading in India. When it reaches its peak, more than 40 million p
27 Mar 2020 10:23  

Coronavirus update: A long walk home on empty stomachs for masked migrants
Avatar Manna Lal has walked 100 km over the last 24 hours with almost no food or water. He has to cover 150km more to get home. Lal, 48, is one in a group of eight labourers walking across the length of eastern Uttar Pradesh to get to their ancestral village of Gatla Beli in Bahraich district - roughly 250
26 Mar 2020 23:30  

कोरोना के लिए 50 खरब डॉलर देंगे G20 देश: PM मोदी बोले, मानव को आर्थिक लक्ष्यों के ऊपर रखा जाए
Avatar कोरोना वायरस संकट पर जी-20 बैठक में प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने गुरुवार (26 मार्च) को कहा वैश्विक समृद्धि, सहयोग के लिए हमारे दृष्टिकोण के केन्द्र बिंदु में आर्थिक लक्ष्यों के स्थान पर मानव को रखा जाए। उन्होंने आपस में जुड़ी दुनिया के लिए नए संकट प्रबंधन प्रोटोकॉल और कार्यप्रणाली तैयार करने की हिमा
27 Mar 2020 02:53  

Coronavirus deaths, cases in India see biggest jump in a day
Avatar Coronavirus killed eight more people in India on Thursday and 88 new cases—the highest in a single day-were confirmed to be carrying the disease on the second day of 21-day long nation-wide lockdown, while the global tally, according to the AFP, also crossed the figure of 500,000 infections and clos
27 Mar 2020 00:41  

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Pune police issue warning notices to assembly and vehicle prohibition violators
Avatar A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown beginning Wednesday in the country, the streets of Pune had already adjusted to the curfew-like conditions owing to the statewide lockdown announced by chief minister Uddhav Thackeray, a day before the PM announcement. After Sectio
25 Mar 2020 23:17  

Coronavirus: Government to give one more blow after lockdown
Avatar The coronavirus is spreading havoc all over the world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, taking unprecedented steps to curb this global epidemic, announced a complete lockdown of 21 days across the country from 12 pm on Tuesday night, following the move by the administration against those who do not com
25 Mar 2020 11:30  

[YouTube] LIVE: PM Narendra Modi का Corona Covid-19 को लेकर देश को संबोधन
Avatar LIVE: PM Narendra Modi का Corona Covid-19 को लेकर देश को संबोधन
24 Mar 2020 21:05  

Respect those on the frontline | HT Editorial
Avatar On Sunday, heeding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call, the nation stood united to applaud the services of those who are in the frontline of the battle against coronavirus disease (Covid-19). Those providing essential services include doctors, nurses, paramedics, and the support staff in hospitals a
24 Mar 2020 17:32  

PM Modi announces 'Entire India under lockdown for next 21 days'
Avatar New Delhi: Corona virus is wreaking havoc around the world. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the second time in a week today. In his address, PM Modi first thanked the countrymen for making the Janata curfew a success. With this, PM Modi has also ann
24 Mar 2020 20:37  

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21 दिन नहीं संभले तो 21 साल पिछड़ जाएंगे, लॉकडाउन पर PM के संबोधन की खास बातें
Avatar CoronaVirus: पीएम नरेंद्र मोदी (PM Narendra Modi) ने आज रात 12 बजे से पूरे देश में संपूर्ण लॉकडाउन का ऐलान किया है. इस दौरान उन्‍होंने कहा कि हिंदुस्तान को बचाने के लिए, हर नागरिक को बचाने के लिए आज रात 12 बजे से, घरों से बाहर निकलने पर पूरी तरह से पाबंदी.
24 Mar 2020 20:34  

Corona: Punjab becomes first state to impose curfew, lockdown failed miserably
Avatar Amritsar: Coronavirus infection cases have been registered from 23 states of the country and these cases are continuously increasing. Meanwhile, more than 20 states have imposed lockdown. But now cases of failure of lockdown are also coming up. After which curfew has been implemented in Punjab. The
23 Mar 2020 15:01  

Janata Curfew may be announced across country again
Avatar New Delhi: In this present age, there is no such person who is not troubled by the rising corona. The havoc of this virus has increased so much that hundreds of people are coming in its grip every day. In order to face the challenges of Coronavirus, on Sunday, 75 districts of the country, including
23 Mar 2020 12:01  

CM Yogi's big announcement, says '16 districts of UP lockdown till 25 March'
Avatar Lucknow: In this present age, there is no such person who is not troubled by the rising of Corona. The havoc of this virus has increased so much that hundreds of people are coming in its grip every day. At the same time, this virus has killed thousands of people so far. It is still being speculated
23 Mar 2020 09:21  

मोदी की अपील आई काम एकजुट हुआ देश और गूंज उठा आसमान
Avatar नई दिल्ली: एक तरफ बढ़ रहा कोरोना का कहर अब इतना बढ़ चुका है. कि हर तरफ केवल तवाही का मंज़र देखने को मिल रहा है. जंहा अब तक इस वायरस से मरने वालों कि संख्या 12000 से अधिक हो चुकी है. वहीं अभी भी लोगों में इस वायरस का खौफ फैला हुआ है. वहीं इस बीमारी से लड़ने के लिए अब भी डॉक्टर इलाज़ खोज रहे है. जंहा यह भी
23 Mar 2020 08:55  

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‘Next 3-4 weeks crucial in fight against Covid-19’: PM Modi to CMs
Avatar Prime Minister Narendra Modi told state chief ministers on Friday the next three to four weeks are crucial in the fight against SARS-Cov-2, which causes Covid-19, asked them to redouble efforts to crack down on the pandemic and assured them of all possible help from the Centre, according to people a
21 Mar 2020 09:35  

"Corona is a hoax", absurd statement of former SP MP
Avatar Lucknow: The risk of coronavirus in India is increasing day by day. So far, 4 people have died in the country due to its infection. Central and state governments are making a lot of effort regarding this, but meanwhile, an absurd statement of a former Samajwadi Party MP has come out. Ramakant Yadav,
21 Mar 2020 11:16  

89 to 256 in 8 days, corona infection spreading fast in India
Avatar New Delhi: Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in India. So far 256 people have been found infected with this virus, while four people have lost their lives. Restrictions have been imposed in many cities of India to prevent the spread of this infection. There is no cure for coronavirus yet. Prevention
21 Mar 2020 10:40  

Coronavirus: 3700 trains, Delhi metro and 1000 flights will be cancelled in Janta curfew
Avatar The effect of the coronavirus is increasing all over the world. India is also going through a very delicate phase. The announcement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's public curfew needs to be taken seriously. In view of this, 3,700 trains, Delhi Metro and 1,000 flights will be cancelled in Janata cu
21 Mar 2020 10:22  

Sharp bump in corona tally warns of potential dangers
Avatar India's battle to effectively contain the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) continued on Friday as the number of infections doubled in just four days to 236, even as experts reiterated that not enough people were being tested and that an undetected spread could overwhelm the country's health care infra
21 Mar 2020 04:17  

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Army announces home quarantine for its personnel at headquarters amid coronavirus outbreak
Avatar The Indian Army on Friday announced a raft of measures to fight Covid-19, including home quarantine for soldiers posted at its headquarters in New Delhi and staggered office timings, and ordered a temporary freeze on postings and foreign assignments. A fresh advisory on enhanced measures to prevent
21 Mar 2020 03:56  

Delhi Metro services shut on Sunday to power ‘Janta Curfew’
Avatar The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) on Friday announced the closure of metro services in the national Capital on March 22 (Sunday) keeping in mind the 'Janta Curfew' declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to contain the spread of the coronavirus. "In the wake of 'Janta Curfew' to be observed t
20 Mar 2020 16:17  

[YouTube] PM Modi calls for ‘#JanataCurfew’ on Sunday, March 22
Avatar Prime Minister Narendra Modi Thursday urged citizens to observe a "Janata Curfew" on Sunday, March 22 to fight the spread of coronavirus. As part of the self-curfew, Prime Minister Modi said everyone must stay home from 7 am to 9 pm Sunday and urge others too. 0:01:41- Prime Minister Modi said, "I u
19 Mar 2020 22:20  

Will India be completely locked down? PM Modi may announce today at 8 pm
Avatar New Delhi: Due to the outbreak of Corona, PM Narendra Modi is going to address the nation on March 19 at eight o'clock. With this, speculations are being made that what special announcement can PM Modi make? Can message In fact, at this time the country is passing through Phase-2 of Corona. Let us t
19 Mar 2020 10:39  

CM Yogi says, "We have restored law and order in the state"
Avatar The Yogi government has completed three years of its tenure. The Yogi government of the BJP ended three years on 18 March. On this occasion, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath told the achievements of the state government. In a press conference held in Lucknow on Wednesday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanat
19 Mar 2020 10:27  

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Corona virus: PM Modi retweeted this doctor's message
Avatar Seeing the outbreak of Corona, a doctor said, 'We are on duty to treat you, people, you stay at home for us', writing this message on paper and putting a mask on it, the doctor of AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) took his photo Put on social media. Through this, the doctor advised not
19 Mar 2020 10:12  

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