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[YouTube] Volkswagen Vento TC4-A Race Car | First Drive Review | Autocar India
Avatar Volkswagen Motorsport is no stranger to tin-top racing in India, but the new Vento TC4-A takes things to an all-new level. And the best part is, you can actually buy one. Saumil Shah straps in for some hot laps of the BIC. #VW #Vento #TC4A
15 Jan 2019 15:00  

[YouTube] Jaguar F-Type P300 | First Drive Review | Autocar India
Avatar The Jaguar F-Type is one of the sexiest sportscars on sale, famous for its barking mad supercharged V8 and tail-happy antics. But is it just as appealing when you take away half of the cylinders? A cautiously optimistic Gavin D'Souza steps into the driver's seat. #Jaguar #Ftype #P300 #TeamAutocar
14 Jan 2019 15:00  

[YouTube] New Cars for 2019 | SUVs - Part 2 | Autocar India
Avatar There promises to be a lot of action when it comes to new cars in 2019, with not just new models, but also new brands altogether. Ethan Mascarenhas talks you through what you can expect, and we continue with more new arrivals in what is clearly the most sought after vehicle type of them all - SUVs.
13 Jan 2019 11:00  

[YouTube] Mahindra Racing Passioneering fan event | Special Feature | Autocar India
Avatar Formula E is rapidly gaining popularity in India and it helps that India's very own Mahindra Racing has been a part of it from the start. And to get fans up close and personal with the team and even the car itself, they organised a fan event, dubbed Passioneering, in Mumbai. #MahindraRacing #Formula
12 Jan 2019 11:00  

[YouTube] Maruti Suzuki Price Hike | Honda City New Variant | 2019 Yamaha YZF-R15
Avatar The top automotive stories of the day – Maruti Suzuki has announced a price hike on all its cars and we have all the details for you. Honda Cars India has introduced a new variant of the City compact sedan. Finally Yamaha has launched the 2019 YZF-R15 For more from the world of auto, visit: http://b
11 Jan 2019 16:13  

Games: Oh No
Fill red and blue dots to solve puzzles! The challenge is to determine the color of every piece.

[YouTube] Skoda Kodiaq Laurin & Klement (L&K) | First Look | Autocar India
Avatar Skoda has recently added a new, range topping variant to its flagship SUV, the Kodiaq - the Laurin & Klement. Named after the company's founders Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement, Skoda only attaches this badge to its most luxurious models. Saumil Shah tells you what's new. #Skoda #Kodiaq #Laurin&Kle
11 Jan 2019 16:15  

[YouTube] Actress Ileana D’Cruz Luxurious Lifestyle, Boyfriend, Cosy Home, Cars, Net Worth and Biography
Avatar Actress Ileana D’Cruz Luxurious Lifestyle, Boyfriend, Cosy Home, Cars, Net Worth and Biography #ileana_d’cruz #bollywood_latest For any copyright issue OR inquiry please contact us at our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Mr.Reporter24". Once We have received your message and confirmed that you
11 Jan 2019 11:38  

Tesla to Stop Selling Model S, Model X Cars With 75kWH Batteries
Avatar Tesla will stop selling the lowest-range versions of its Model S sedans and Model X SUVs. The higher-end versions of the S and X will still be sold.
10 Jan 2019 16:36  

[YouTube] Yes, Munnar Recorded Sub-Zero Temperatures but It Never Snowed
Avatar A viral photo which shows cars covered in snow falsely claimed that it had snowed in Kerala's Munnar district. Video: The Quint Subscribe to Our New Health Vertical, QuintFit: https://bit.ly/2ukVhya For more videos, subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2aIcith Check out The Quint for more news: h
10 Jan 2019 09:20  

[YouTube] Thank you to our 1,000,000 subscribers! | Autocar India
Avatar We've hit the magic million and what an incredible ride it's been - one that would not have been possible without you, our viewers! Thank you for sticking with us all these years, and stay tuned, because things are only going to get louder, faster and more exciting from now on! - #TeamAutocar #OneMi
09 Jan 2019 22:17  

Games: Blocking Bugs
Claim portions of screen weaving lines. Beware of deadly viruses that will attempt destruction.

[YouTube] All-new 2019 Maruti WagonR - What to Expect | First Look Preview | Autocar India
Avatar There's an all-new Maruti Suzuki WagonR that's about to be launched right around the corner, but we know almost nothing about it. Until now. Shapur Kotwal tells you everything you need to know about Maruti's new Santro-rivalling 'Tall Boy'.
09 Jan 2019 15:00  

[YouTube] Hero Xtreme 200R vs TVS Apache RTR 160 4V | Comparison Test | Autocar India
Avatar On the face of it, these two motorcycles might belong to two different segments, but with the way they are priced and specced, you might consider either of them while shopping in this space. Rishaad Mody explains the pros and cons of each and helps you pick. #TeamAutocar #Xtreme200R #ApacheRTR1604V
08 Jan 2019 15:00  

[YouTube] Rani Mukerji Luxurious Lifestyle, Husband, Kids, House, Cars, Money and Biography
Avatar Rani Mukerji Luxurious Lifestyle, Husband, Kids, House, Cars, Money and Biography #rani_mukherki #bollywood_latest For any copyright issue OR inquiry please contact us at our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Mr.Reporter24". Once We have received your message and confirmed that you are the actu
06 Jan 2019 13:48  

वाह रे इंडियन रेलवे! टॉयलेट के पानी से बनता है ट्रेन के पैंट्री कार में खाना, गंदगी में रखी जाती हैं सब्जियां.मैनेजर ने कहा- हम ऐसा नहीं करते, RO चलाने लगे तो चला ही नहीं
Avatar सुनील राजा/त्रिभुवन सोलंकी/कोटा. (Rajasthan News)रेलमंत्री पीयूष गोयल पिछले दिनों निजामुद्दीन-कोटा जनशताब्दी एक्सप्रेस से श्रीमहावीरजी आए थे। उस समय वल्लभगढ़ के आसपास ट्रेन की मिनी पैंट्री से उन्हें ठंडा खाना परोसा गया। इस पर उन्होंने नाराजगी जताते हुए ठेकेदार फर्म पर 1 लाख रुपए जुर्माने के न
05 Jan 2019 17:08  

Autocar Performance Show 2018 report and gallery
Avatar Auto enthusiasts and buyers are in for a treat as Mumbai’s biggest auto extravaganza, the Autocar Performance Show, returns with an enthralling display of cars and bikes. Held at the MMRDA grounds in Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai, the show was inaugurated by Narain Karthikeyan, the first India
14 Dec 2018 15:14  

Games: Rope Ninja
Time to show your ninja skills and catch as many birds as you can. Mind the coins you can collect!

Mumbai: Crash deaths fall 20% in a year of road safety design overhaul
Avatar At 12.30 PM on a weekday, the main intersection outside Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) is not as chaotic as it will be five hours later, when rush hour traffic transforms the pocket into a mind-numbing bedlam. Yet, a family with three children, which is attempting to cross over, appears
09 Dec 2018 07:56  

[YouTube] Tata Harrier unveil | Tata Harrier Price in India | Kia Motors in India | Yamaha R3 Recall
Avatar Tata Motors has unveiled the all-new Harrier SUV. Slated to be Tata's most premium product, the Harrier will go on sale in January 2019. When launched, Tata Harrier will compete with the likes of Jeep Compass and Hyundai Creta. Car manufacturers like Toyota, Maruti Suzuki have announced a price hike
07 Dec 2018 19:30  

Italy Proposes Measures To Spur Sales Of Low-Emission Cars
Avatar Italy plans to offer subsidies of up to 6,000 euros ($6,800) to buyers of new low emission vehicles and will increase taxes on new petrol and diesel cars, two government officials said on Wednesday.
06 Dec 2018 14:08  

Maruti Suzuki's premium hatchback Baleno has crossed 5 lakh sales milestone
Avatar India’s leading car maker Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) on Wednesday announced that its premium hatchback Baleno has crossed milestone of 5 lakh sales. Launched in October 2015, Baleno is one of the top selling models for Maruti Suzuki. In an statement MSI said that Maruti Suzuki India Baleno, Ind
29 Nov 2018 17:53  

[YouTube] After Married Deepika & Ranveer First Cover Magazine Photoshoots
Avatar After Married Deepika & Ranveer First Cover Magazine Photoshoots Subscribe:https://goo.gl/cCVj25 - watch it again:https://youtu.be/QuTonrZ5YM4 Facebook:https://goo.gl/LyX20b Twitter :https://twitter.com/GalleryStars Google+:https://plus.google.com/u/0/103858512652549319906 Pinterest: https://goo.gl/
26 Nov 2018 22:54  

Games: Juicy Dash
Juicy, tasty, match-3 madness. Prove your skills and match as many fruits as possible.

[YouTube] Deepika and Ranveer Share Their Royal Photoshoots in 2nd Wedding Reception
Avatar Deepika and Ranveer Share Their Royal Photoshoots in 2nd Wedding Reception Subscribe:https://goo.gl/cCVj25 - watch it again:https://youtu.be/BVe4P8X12rc Facebook:https://goo.gl/LyX20b Twitter :https://twitter.com/GalleryStars Google+:https://plus.google.com/u/0/103858512652549319906 Pinterest: https
25 Nov 2018 21:31  

[YouTube] 2020 Range Rover Evoque | Tata Harrier | BMW Cars
Avatar The top automotive news of the day- Jaguar Land Rover has revealed the second generation Range Rover in Britain, featuring a host of updates and new looks. Tata Motors has teased the interior of its upcoming Harrier SUV ahead of the launch in early 2019. Tata has already unveiled the SUV and it does
23 Nov 2018 19:31  

[YouTube] Ritika Bhavnani (Ranveer Singh's Sister) Full Lifestyle,Boyfriends,House,Car,Net Worth,Family,etc
Avatar Ritika Bhavnani (Ranveer Singh's Sister) Full Lifestyle,Boyfriends,House,Car,Net Worth,Family,etc Subscribe:https://goo.gl/cCVj25 - watch it again:https://youtu.be/Y8dbArrwLPM Facebook:https://goo.gl/LyX20b Twitter :https://twitter.com/GalleryStars Google+:https://plus.google.com/u/0/103858512652549
23 Nov 2018 11:45  

BMW to hike prices in India by up to 4 pc from January
Avatar "From January 1, 2019, BMW India will increase the prices of its cars by up to 4 per cent," BMW Group India Chairman Vikram Pawah said in a statement.
22 Nov 2018 21:09  

[YouTube] OMG ! Deepika Padukone Copied Kangana Ranaut's Dress in her Wedding Reception
Avatar OMG ! Deepika Padukone Copied Kangana Ranaut's Dress in her Wedding Reception Subscribe:https://goo.gl/cCVj25 - watch it again:https://youtu.be/T64WcnGIc6o Facebook:https://goo.gl/LyX20b Twitter :https://twitter.com/GalleryStars Google+:https://plus.google.com/u/0/103858512652549319906 Pinterest: ht
21 Nov 2018 21:14  

Games: Aqua Thief
Dive into hours of fun as you help Aqua Thief in his quest to capture the underwater treasure!

[YouTube] Ranveer Singh's 1st Going Sasural House With Deepika Padukone After Married
Avatar Ranveer Singh's 1st Going Sasural House With Deepika Padukone After Married Subscribe:https://goo.gl/cCVj25 - watch it again:https://youtu.be/2SoNe4zPSqo Facebook:https://goo.gl/LyX20b Twitter :https://twitter.com/GalleryStars Google+:https://plus.google.com/u/0/103858512652549319906 Pinterest: http
19 Nov 2018 08:47  

[YouTube] Deepika Padukone Sindoor Looks so Beautiful After Marriage with Ranveer Singh
Avatar Deepika Padukone Sindoor Looks so Beautiful After Marriage with Ranveer Singh Subscribe:https://goo.gl/cCVj25 - watch it again:https://youtu.be/sghe0G15HqE Facebook:https://goo.gl/LyX20b Twitter :https://twitter.com/GalleryStars Google+:https://plus.google.com/u/0/103858512652549319906 Pinterest: ht
16 Nov 2018 19:56  

2020 Toyota Corolla Makes Its World Debut In China
Avatar The Corolla is Toyota's all-time best-selling car series. More than 46 million cars have been sold worldwide since the first generation was released in Japan in 1966. With each new generation, the.
16 Nov 2018 10:09  

OnePlus 5, 5T Receiving OxygenOS 5.1.7 Update With Bluetooth Fix
Avatar The changelog notes that the latest OxygenOS 5.1.7 update brings along improved Bluetooth stability for phone calls and connectivity in cars.
13 Nov 2018 18:51  

Autocar India Official's Instagram Post On [2018-11-11 10:19:42]
Avatar You wake up on Sunday morning and find this parked outside. Where do you drive it to? • #autocarindia • 📷: @paul_dewars#cars #carsofinstagram #amazingcars247 #instacar #dreamcar #fastcars #mclaren #mclaren720s #coupe #supercar #supercarsunday #sunday #sundayfunday
11 Nov 2018 10:19  

Games: Mission Terror
Mission Terror Games has total 9 level each with unique mission. your mission to ends Terrorists Activity,they may run they may hide, some time in desert sometime in jungle find them and kill them before they kill you.

[YouTube] Over 7 crore in cash seized in Hyderabad, 4 arrested
Avatar A Task Force and L&O apprehended 4 people in Hyderabad and seized Rs. 7,51,10,300 along with revolvers, cars and other items. A case has been registered with the police.
08 Nov 2018 07:00  

[YouTube] Top 10 Most Spoiled Kids/Brats in the World
Avatar Some incredibly overindulged kids turned out to be horrible brats. Here are the Top 10 Most Spoiled Kids in the World. Subscribe for more! ► https://goo.gl/pgcoq1 ◄ Stay updated ► https://goo.gl/JyGcTt https://goo.gl/5c8dzr ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: hello@beam
07 Nov 2018 07:17  

[YouTube] Tata Tiago JTP | First Drive Review | Autocar India
Avatar For just about a lakh more than the standard cars, you could have one of these - the hotted up JTP versions of the Tata Tiago and Tigor. But what are they like to drive? All show and no go? Nikhil Bhatia drives them to find out. Listen in! Subscribe To ET Now For Latest Updates On Stocks, Business,
06 Nov 2018 16:36  

[YouTube] जानिए सड़क पर दौड़ती ट्रैन का सच! | Viral Test
Avatar A train filled with passengers that runs in the middle of the road with bikes and cars. Find out the truth of this story in this edition of Viral Test! #GwaliorLightTrain #NarrowGuageTrain - AajTak Live TV Watch the latest Hindi news Live on the World's Most Subscribed News Channel on YouTube. Aaj T
05 Nov 2018 17:33  

40 lakh 'overage' cars deregistered by Delhi transport dept: Check this list to see if your vehicle is on it
Avatar The Delhi government told the Supreme Court on Thursday that out of 1.10 crore vehicles registered in the national capital, 40 lakh "overage" vehicles - more than 15 years in case of petrol and 10 years for diesel - have been de-registered by the transport department.
02 Nov 2018 09:59  

Games: Hansel & Gretel
Go on a magical journey with Hansel and Gretel. Help them collect chocolates in this logic game.

[YouTube] Air quality index in Delhi reaches severe levels; banning private cars is last resort?|NewsX Connect
Avatar As emergency measures to check pollution come into force starting today, in the Delhi-National Capital Region, various pollution control bodies have been directed to initiate criminal prosecution against violators. This even as the Delhi government has said it is fully prepared to implement the odd-
01 Nov 2018 19:28  

ट्रांसपोर्ट डिपार्टमेंट और ट्रैफिक पुलिस अब साथ मिलकर करेंगी ये काम : दिन हो या रात. सड़क पर कभी भी दिखी ऐसी कार, तो मालिक से जब्त करके उसे तोड़ा जाएगा
Avatar न्यूज डेस्क। दिल्ली पुलिस के अधिकारियों ने पुरानी कारों को जब्त करने का काम शुरू कर दिया है। एनजीटी और सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने सख्त निर्देश दिया है कि 10 साल पुरानी डीजल और 15 साल पुरानी पेट्रोल कार अब दिल्ली में नहीं चलेंगी। इसके लिए अधिकारियों ने मारुति, एस्टीम, मटीज, पुरानी सेंट्रो और होंडा सिटी
01 Nov 2018 16:43  

[YouTube] Surat Diamond Businessman Savji Dholakia ने Employees को 600 Cars Diwali Gift की | वनइंडिया हिंदी
Avatar For the last few years, on the occasion of Diwali, giving a special gift to its employees, diamond trader who heads the headlines and chairman of Hari Krishna Exports, Savji Dholakia is again in the discussion.On this Diwali also, on behalf of the famous Hari Krishna Group, 600 employees will be giv
25 Oct 2018 14:45  

Piyush Goyal tells railways to use saloons for commercial purpose
Avatar The saloons or inspection cars can usually accommodate two families and are adequately built to facilitate stay for upto five days.
17 Oct 2018 18:32  

Companies offer heavy discounts on cars, SUVs as slowdown bites
Avatar Discounts are being offered from mass players like Mahindra to luxury sellers BMW and Mercedes-Benz.
13 Oct 2018 10:55  

Games: Lizard Rocket
Lizard Rocket is a fun and easy game. Just tap on screen to make the lizard fly with rocket. Collect Coins and super powers like speed, shield and tiny feature. Stay away from falling rocks and collect as much coin as you can. As game gets difficult speed and amount of rocks increases. Enjoy this co

लिमिटेड ऑफर : मारुति और रेनो की सस्ती कारें 9 दिन तक मिलेंगी और भी सस्ती, 75 हजार रु तक मिल रहा बड़ा डिस्काउंट; सिर्फ 2.55 लाख रु में मिल जाएगा 3.30 का मॉडल
Avatar ऑटो डेस्क। फेस्टिव सीजन शुरू होते ही ऑटोमोबाइल कंपनियों भी कई शानदार ऑफर्स लेकर आई हैं। इन ऑफर में सेविंग के साथ दूसरे बेनीफिट्स भी मिलेंगे। मारुति सुजुकी भी अपनी सभी कारों पर डिस्काउंट के साथ एक्सचेंज और फ्री एक्सेसरीज जैसे बेनीफिट्स दे रही है। तो रेनो भी कुछ ऐसी ही ऑफर लेकर आई है।नवरात्रि ऑ
10 Oct 2018 14:09  

India lacks ecosystem for electric cars: Volkswagen official
Avatar India does not have a "clear vision" and "ecosystem" in place for the promotion of electric cars, a senior official of European car manufacturer Volkswagen said here on Monday.
08 Oct 2018 16:56  

Skoda Vision RS concept previews new hatchback
Avatar Skoda has set the stage for its forthcoming Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus rival with the Vision RS, a concept car that features a performance plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain. Under the sporty details and concept flourishes, the Vision RS bears a close resemblance to the Rapid hatchback that will
03 Oct 2018 09:30  

Ferry with nearly 300 people onboard stranded in Baltic Sea
Avatar The ferry, which also had cars and trucks on board, was traveling between the ports of Kiel, Germany, and Klaipeda, Lithuania.
02 Oct 2018 20:04  

Three new cars in Paris tell the story of an industry in flux
Avatar A new BMW 3-series sedan, the latest in a line of cars that defined the concept of a premium sports sedan, will aim to reinvigorate a range that has ceded ground to SUVs and electric drives.
01 Oct 2018 20:29  

Games: Snappy Spy
Switch gravity with a touch and avoid obstacles. Remember to get some sushi for extra points!

[YouTube] Raahgiri: Fun-filled Sunday for Greater Kailash and CR Park residents
Avatar Fun-filled events on Sunday morning greeted the residents of Greater Kailash-1 and CR Park in Delhi as they gathered early to participate in the Raahgiri. The road stretch along the Alaknanda Marg was turned into a no-vehicle zone for the event. Children, elderly, middle-aged and people from all age
01 Oct 2018 06:30  

[YouTube] Tanushree Dutta Real Life Story, Boyfriend, Affairs, Family, Lifestyle, Biography, Unknown Facts
Avatar Tanushree Dutta Real Life Story, Boyfriend, Affairs, Family, Lifestyle, Biography, Unknown Facts, Cars, Career, education qualification, net worth 2018, real life partner, life history & Hobbies. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - For more updates subscribe o
30 Sep 2018 16:17  

Surat-based diamond trader gives 3 Mercedes cars to staff
Avatar Surat-based diamond trader gives 3 Mercedes cars to staff
29 Sep 2018 06:10  

Don't want to die in accident? These are safest cars to go for in India right now
Avatar Don't want to die in accident? These are safest cars to go for in India right now
28 Sep 2018 14:45  

India may set up a vehicle assessment programme for ranking vehicles based on safety features
Avatar NEW DELHI: To improve vehicle safety, the government is working on a plan to start of awarding star certification to vehicle models based on their safety. The road transport and highways ministry has proposed to set up a specialised agency to be called New Vehicle Assessment Programme to test the sa
27 Sep 2018 16:57  

Games: Rock the Dock
Stack the containers on the ship to accommodate most number of containers; try being perfect.

Demand for pre-owned luxury cars in India zooms 30%
Avatar Mahindra First Choice is setting up a separate line of dealerships for used luxury cars christened Edition
24 Sep 2018 17:26  

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