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[YouTube] राजस्थान में Vasundhara Raje को 'घेरा' तो Sachin Pilot की घेराबंदी | किसका होगा राजतिलक
Avatar BJP has fielded its fifth candidate list for the state assembly elections, in which they have fielded Yunus Khan against Sachin Pilot in Tonk constituency. After the Vasundhara Raje vs Manwendra Singh battle, this will be another high profile election seat to look forward to. #RajasthanElections #BJ
19 Nov 2018 18:45  

राजस्थान में भाजपा की आखिरी लिस्ट जारी, बीजेपी ने तय उम्मीदवार का टिकट काटकर मंत्री यूनुस खान को टोंक से सचिन पायलट के खिलाफ उतारा
Avatar नेशनल डेस्क/जयपुर: विधानसभा चुनाव के लिए भाजपा ने सोमवार को पांचवीं और आखिरी लिस्ट जारी की। इसमें आठ नाम हैं। छह नाम नए और दो सीट पर टिकट बदले गए हैं। टोंक से अजीत सिंह का टिकट काटकर पीडब्ल्यूडी मंत्री यूनुस खान को उम्मीदवार बनाया है। इस सीट पर उनका मुकाबला कांग्रेस नेता सचिन पायलट से होगा। इ
19 Nov 2018 12:40  

[YouTube] Ashok Gehlot- Sachin Pilot की गुटबाजी आई सामने, Congress किस पर खेलेगी दांव
Avatar चुनाव से ठीक पहले कौन बनेगा मुख्यमंत्री राजस्थान कांग्रेस खेल रही है.जीत दो 11 दिसंबर को पता चलेगा.लेकिन उससे पहले राजस्थान कांग्रेस गहलोत और सचिन खेंमें बंट गई है.Amin Ahmad Subscribe to News Express ► http://bit.ly/2hil7yn Producer- Amin Editor- Aditi
14 Nov 2018 17:51  

[YouTube] Top Rajasthan Congress leaders Ashok Gehlot & Sachin Pilot to contest Vidhan Sabha polls
Avatar In a big announcement by the top Rajasthan Congress leader, Ashok Gehlot has said that both he and state Congress Chief Sachin Pilot will be contesting the Vidhan Sabha polls.
14 Nov 2018 16:17  

In Rajasthan, Fight Over Party Tickets Could Be A Problem For Congress
Avatar In Rajasthan, where assembly elections are scheduled for December 7, Congress has managed to put up a united face by bringing former chief minister Ashok Gehlot and state Congress chief Sachin Pilot.
13 Oct 2018 20:53  

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Rahul Gandhi to address rally in Udaipur today
Avatar Gandhi was welcomed by Rajasthan Congress chief Sachin Pilot at Dabok Airport in Udaipur.
20 Sep 2018 15:48  

[YouTube] Rajasthan Election:Congress के खजाने से पैसे खत्म, Sachin Pilot ने ऐसे किया दर्द बयां वनइंडिया हिंदी
Avatar Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee President Sachin Pilot has reached out to citizens to fund the party’s campaign in the upcoming Assembly polls. Pilot has employed the party’s in-house crowd funding platform to usher in, what the Congress calls, a ‘clean and transparent funding’ process. राजस्था
18 Sep 2018 11:54  

[YouTube] Rajasthan Election:Congress की Rally में Sachin Pilot का BJP को ये मुंहतोड़ जवाब| वनइंडिया हिंदी
Avatar Nagaur: Congress state president Sachin Pilot on Wednesday said the upcoming assembly election will be between BJP and the farmers. Addressing the party's Sankalp rally at Parbatsar in the Jat heartland, Pilot blamed the Vasundhara Raje government for farmers sufferings and said that the next electi
13 Sep 2018 10:04  

What pride is Vasundhara Raje celebrating: Sachin Pilot on Gaurav Yatra
Avatar Rajasthan Congress president Sachin Pilot accused BJP leaders of ignoring the state for five years.
12 Sep 2018 13:16  

[YouTube] Kaun Banega Mukhyamantri: PCC Chief Sachin Pilot And Ashok Gehlot Rides Bike After Getting| ABP News
Avatar Kaun Banega Mukhyamantri: PCC Chief Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot rides the bike after getting stuck in the traffic jam #KaunBanegaMukhyamantri To Subscribe our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/abpnewstv About Channel: ABP News is a news hub which provides you with the comprehensiv
12 Sep 2018 18:34  

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[YouTube] Rajasthan Election:Sachin Pilot के काफिले में लगे Vote for NOTA के नारे| Watch Video|वनइंडिया हिंदी
Avatar Rajasthan Election:People of upper caste society protesting the SC-ST Act in Rajasthan protested by showing black flags to the convoy of leaders going to join the Congress resolution rally on Tuesday. The people gathered on the four-wheeler circle made slogans Vote for NOTA. #RajasthanElection #Sach
12 Sep 2018 17:05  

Sachin Pilot, Ashok Gehlot Perform 'Jai and Veeru' Act In Rajasthan
Avatar Talk of elections, talk about political spectacles. It was a rare political sight for people on Tuesday whenRajasthan Congress chief Sachin Pilot and former chief minister Ashok Gehlot, performed some.
11 Sep 2018 22:43  

[YouTube] Sachin Pilot Interview: BJP नेता बौखलाहट में बयान दे रहे हैं | News18 India
Avatar Congress Leader, Sachin Pilot says that the statements being released by the BJP leaders are a result of the pressure they are facing and it has no relations to logic and reason. About Channel: News18 India is one of the leading YouTube News channels which delivers Indian and international news 24x7
10 Sep 2018 18:00  

CM Vasundhara Raje betrayed people of Rajasthan: Sachin Pilot​​
Avatar PCC president Sachin Pilot said the people have made up their mind to vote against the BJP in the next Assembly polls.
06 Sep 2018 00:52  

Panchayati Raj Has Collapsed In Rajasthan Under BJP: Sachin Pilot
Avatar Rajasthan Congress chief Sachin Pilot on Tuesday accused Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje-led BJP government of "exploiting" sarpanchs and hollowing out Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) during its.
04 Sep 2018 23:11  

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United opposition to take on Centre over Rafale deal: Sachin Pilot 
Avatar He alleged that the country had incurred a loss of Rs 41,000 crore by striking a new deal with a French company for purchase of the aircraft.
03 Sep 2018 21:38  

Inflation, depreciation of rupee results of BJP's 'wrong policies': Sachin Pilot
Avatar "The BJP came to power on the promise of controlling inflation but despite favourable global conditions nothing was done by the government," Pilot said in a statement here.
02 Sep 2018 22:52  

Sachin Pilot a novice in politics: Vasundhara Raje
Avatar Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje on Wednesday said Congress leader Sachin Pilot had "no knowledge" about the culture and traditions of Rajasthan and he was a "novice" in state politics.
29 Aug 2018 23:01  

Raje should take out Paschatap Yatra instead of Gaurav Yatra: Sachin Pilot
Avatar Flagging off the Sankalp Rally in Rajasthan, Congress leaders said the party has taken an ‘oath to set the people free’ of the misgovernance of the ‘autocratic BJP government’.
24 Aug 2018 13:24  

BJP misled, cheated people after coming to power: Sachin Pilot
Avatar The BJP got a huge mandate to serve the people but the four and half years of governance clears how the BJP insulted their verdict Sachin said.
24 Aug 2018 21:16  

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Sachin Pilot: BJP misled, cheated people after coming to power
Avatar Training guns on the BJP, Congress leader Sachin Pilot said today that the party made tall promises at the time of elections but misled and cheated the people after coming to power. Pilot along with other Congress leaders launched 'Sankalp Rally' from Udaipur division to garner public support for th
24 Aug 2018 20:39  

[YouTube] Virtuosity | Sachin Pilot Talks About Rajasthan Elections, BJP & More | CNN News18
Avatar Vir Sanghvi speaks to Rajasthan Congress President Sachin Pilot this week. Pilot talks about the chances of the Congress party in the upcoming assembly elections and why the national mood is changing against the BJP and PM Modi. Sachin Pilot also narrates his personal story in this episode of Virtuo
22 Aug 2018 21:08  

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