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Female Virologist prepares Coronavirus test kit for Rs.1200, one kit can check 100 samples
Avatar New Delhi: So far more than 1000 people have been infected due to Coronavirus in India. The number of those who died is 24. All are playing their respective roles in fighting the virus. Meanwhile, a female scientist Meenal Dakhave Bhosle has prepared a testing kit for just Rs. 1200 which is much che
29 Mar 2020 10:29  

Corona: India will be locked down for three months, This is government's plan
Avatar New Delhi: Today the whole world is struggling with the coronavirus which includes India and the number of patients suffering from coronaviruses in India is increasing day by day, so the government has locked the only solution of coronavirus. The coronavirus has plagued the whole world. While the nu
29 Mar 2020 10:22  

Corona infection spreading fast, reaches 1000 from 100 in 13 days
Avatar New Delhi: Coronavirus has been increasing in the country. The number of coronavirus infections in the country has increased to more than 1000. So far 24 people have died due to this virus. The number of patients has increased rapidly in Maharashtra and Kerala. By March 15, there were about 100 case
29 Mar 2020 10:05  

CM Nitish furious over sending workers by bus
Avatar Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has raised questions on the system of buses made for laborers. He said that sending people by special bus is a wrong step. In a special conversation with the media, he said that this will spread the disease and which will be difficult for everyone to prevent. Regarding this mat
29 Mar 2020 10:12  

CM Kejriwal said this to stop Corona
Avatar Today is the fourth day of lockdown in India. But the coronavirus outbreak is not taking its name. Also, even after all efforts, the exodus of workers continues. Although the police is preventing people from this. At the same time, in Delhi, another corona infected patient has been found within the
29 Mar 2020 10:12  

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PM Modi to do Mann Ki Baat today, will make big announcement about 'Corona'
Avatar New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi will address the country today at 11 am with his radio program 'Mann Ki Baat'. Today's program will focus on the present situation of the coronavirus. PM Modi tweeted today praising the participation of youth in the fight against Corona. PM Modi tweeted and wrote that, 'Y
29 Mar 2020 09:47  

A handicapped man walks 500 kms to reach home during lockdown
Avatar New Delhi: Workers working in cities like Gurgaon, Delhi, Ghaziabad are now on the verge of starvation. To prevent coronavirus infection, the central government has imposed a nationwide lock-down, due to which work has stopped in factories around Delhi. Due to this, many poor people, ranging from la
29 Mar 2020 09:26  

'Corona' patients recover from hot water and diet in just 10 days
Avatar New Delhi: Coronavirus panic spread all around. Doctors are complaining that there is no medicine and treatment. Deaths happening abroad are scaring people. However, the State Institute of Medical Sciences (JIMS) does not agree with this. The commodity has completely cured Corona patients in just 10
29 Mar 2020 09:20  

Corona: 13 people died so far due to lockdown
Avatar New Delhi: If the 21-day lockdown is implemented, the epidemic is to protect it from the coronavirus, but for some people this lockdown has become the reason for dying. Due to the lockdown, 13 people who had gone to their house died in various accidents. Of these, one person died after walking 200 k
29 Mar 2020 09:20  

Government will merge 10 banks in midst of Corona crisis
Avatar New Delhi: Between the Coronavirus crisis and lockdown, the government is going to merge banks on April 1 to improve the banking system of the country. This step of the Modi government at the Center will give more strength to the banking system of the country. In the beginning of April, 4 new banks
29 Mar 2020 09:00  

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Coronavirus update: Centre to import 1 million masks; local firms will make PPE kits
Avatar The Centre announced on Saturday it will procure a million masks from other countries as it moved to urgently plug the shortfall in equipment for medical professionals fighting to stop the spread of Covid-19. The government has also been in talks with Indian companies for manufacturing more Personal
29 Mar 2020 03:13  

Is Azim Premji donated 50 thousand crores to fight Corona? Wipro reveals
Avatar New Delhi: Amidst the coronavirus crisis, the news spread quickly on social media that Azim Premji, the chairman of tech company Wipro, has again given a hefty amount to the charity. It has been claimed that he has given 50 thousand crore rupees in charity to fight the coronavirus epidemic. Meanwhil
29 Mar 2020 08:46  

Corona's fear increased in country, 10 died
Avatar New Delhi: The fear of Corona growing day by day has increased so much today that it is becoming difficult for the common people to live. It is also difficult to say how long one can get rid of this virus. So far, the virus has come in the grip of thousands of deaths and millions of people have been
29 Mar 2020 08:46  

IHBAS Delhi: Job opening for posts of Technical Assistant and ICU Technician
Avatar Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Science, Delhi has sought applications to fill the vacant posts of Technical Assistant, Technician. Candidates who have B.Sc degree, eligible and eligible candidates for these posts can apply for this job by 31-3-2020 (Last Date). Eligible and interested candid
29 Mar 2020 08:34  

5 new corona cases confirmed in Noida
Avatar New Delhi: More than 24000 deaths have occurred due to the virus, while millions of people have been infected with this virus. In such a situation, it is a bit difficult for scientists to say how long will be able to get rid of this disease. At the same time, today is the fourth day of lockdown and
29 Mar 2020 08:32  

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19 people sent from abroad to isolation, 19 people quarantined
Avatar A 60-year-old woman, who is being dubbed a corona suspect in the state hospital Ranikhet, has been isolated by the health department team. It is being told that the resident woman and her husband returned from London on 18 March and were on home quarantine. In addition, three of Munsiyari's patients
29 Mar 2020 08:33  

[YouTube] Despite Centre’s Advisory, Mass Exodus Of Workers Still Continues I News Nation
Avatar Home Ministry issued an advisory to state governments to stop mass exodus of migrant workers but a huge number of workers can be seen on the national highways on Saturday. Here is a ground report from Delhi’s Ghazipur. #coronavirus #covid19 #lockdown News Nation is a leading Hindi News Channel. News
28 Mar 2020 12:00  

लॉकडाउन के दौरान ऋषिकेश से दिल्ली आ रहे थे 14 जापानी, जब पुलिस ने बस रोकी तो ड्राइवर ने बताया मुझे नहीं पता COVID-19 हुआ या नहीं
Avatar देश और दुनियाभर में फैले कोरोना वायरस के खतरे के बीच शुक्रवार को 14 जापानी नागरिकों को लेकर दिल्ली आ रही एक बस को पुलिस ने दिल्ली-गाजियाबाद सीमा पर ही ने रोक दिया है। बस ड्राइवर देवेंद्र नेगी ने बताया कि उसने इन सभी जापानी नागरिकों को ऋषिकेश में एक योग केंद्र से उठाया है और दिल्ली के पहाड़गंज में छो
27 Mar 2020 14:05  

Pandits are using video conferencing to meet Yajman during Navratri
Avatar In the modern era, innovative use of technology is also being seen in worship and devotion. Pandits, who are unable to go to anyone's house due to lockdown, have found a solution to give the 'Paath' of Goddess through video conferencing. Along with this, mMany clients are also liking this method in
27 Mar 2020 16:51  

PM Modi on G20 summit, says, '90% of Corona cases being received in these countries'
Avatar New Delhi: The country's PM Narendra Modi on Thursday evening interacted with the heads of the G20 group member nations through video conferencing. In this virtual meeting with PM Modi, National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval and Foreign Minister S.K. Jaishankar was also present. In this meeting
27 Mar 2020 15:12  

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PM Modi shares a message of a small girl, video goes viral
Avatar The current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi shared a video on his Twitter handle, in which a small girl is seen giving a message to her father. This video has been shared giving information regarding the lockdown imposed on Coronavirus. In this, the child can be heard at the end of the video s
27 Mar 2020 13:00  

Central government claims corona is in second phase in India
Avatar New Delhi: The central government has said that the growth rate of Kovid-19 positive cases has been relatively stable over the last few days. The last few days were filled with anxiety and stress. Our hearts and minds were not ready for any such big trouble or national lockout. The Health Ministry s
27 Mar 2020 10:39  

Four crore Indian will be infected by Corona: Report
Avatar New Delhi: If you are thinking that lockdown is the only correct way to protect against corona virus infection, then you are thinking wrong. An international organization has claimed that the Corona virus infection has just started spreading in India. When it reaches its peak, more than 40 million p
27 Mar 2020 10:23  

On day 2 of lockdown, essential goods' supply better, but deficit raises prices
Avatar On Thursday, Day 2 of the 21-day lockdown, the supply of essential goods was better than on Wednesday, although there were complaints of shortage of medicines, milk, vegetables and also a spurt in the prices of essential food items because of supply constraints. The police continued to arrest and bo
27 Mar 2020 05:01  

Coronavirus update: A long walk home on empty stomachs for masked migrants
Avatar Manna Lal has walked 100 km over the last 24 hours with almost no food or water. He has to cover 150km more to get home. Lal, 48, is one in a group of eight labourers walking across the length of eastern Uttar Pradesh to get to their ancestral village of Gatla Beli in Bahraich district - roughly 250
26 Mar 2020 23:30  

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Blast near cremation site of Sikhs in Kabul; one Indian among the dead
Avatar An explosive device went off on Thursday a short distance from the site in Kabul where the cremation of the 25 Sikhs killed in a terror attack was underway, though there were no casualties, according to media reports. The device exploded in a house in Qalacha area, not far from where members of the
26 Mar 2020 23:36  

Delhi Police constable suspended for vandalising vegetable carts amid Covid-19 lockdown
Avatar The Delhi police on Thursday suspended a police constable for allegedly vandalizing carts of roadside vegetable vendors in central Delhi's Nehru Nagar amid the lockdown. The action against constable Rajbir was taken after a video of him overturning at least three vegetable carts was widely shared on
26 Mar 2020 15:58  

No Indian will die from Corona, Just do this small work
Avatar New Delhi: These days the coronavirus has caused a worldwide outcry. Even powerful countries like America and Italy are unable to overcome this epidemic. About 16 people have died due to this virus in India too. Everyone is worried about it, from the government to the people, but in the meantime a v
26 Mar 2020 17:17  

Covid-19 update: Delhi man’s death wrongly attributed to coronavirus
Avatar The Union health ministry, on Wednesday morning, reduced the Covid-19 nationwide death toll by one and clarified that the test report of a Delhi man who died Tuesday night was negative for coronavirus infection. The health ministry website, on Wednesday morning, clarified that the "second death repo
26 Mar 2020 03:32  

Coronavirus update: Nearly 1,000 foreigners evacuated from Delhi in special flights
Avatar Around a thousand foreign nationals were evacuated on five special flights from Delhi amid the coronavirus outbreak that has led to suspension of flights and a three-week countrywide lockdown. Officials said over 150 Japanese nationals were evacuated on a special flight that flew in from Tokyo. Four
26 Mar 2020 04:00  

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[YouTube] Bandra Terminus-Delhi Sarai Rohilla Train से सफ़र किया है तो ये वीडियो ज़रूर देखें | Coronavirus
Avatar Story Link- https://www.thelallantop.com/news/coronavirus-a-positive-person-travelled-from-the-railway-chmo-wrote-a-letter-to-drm/ A coronavirus positive man with travel history to Dubai, travelled on Bandra Terminus-Delhi Sarai Rohilla Train. Health officers are now on a lookout for fellow passenge
25 Mar 2020 20:15  

PM Modi announces 'Entire India under lockdown for next 21 days'
Avatar New Delhi: Corona virus is wreaking havoc around the world. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the second time in a week today. In his address, PM Modi first thanked the countrymen for making the Janata curfew a success. With this, PM Modi has also ann
24 Mar 2020 20:37  

[YouTube] Anti-CAA Protests At Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh Continue Despite COVID-19 Outbreak
Avatar The entire nation is going under lockdown to fight coronavirus since Monday but the anti-CAA protests at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh still continue which poses a health threat. Here is a ground report from Shaheen Bagh. Watch the full report. #coronavirus #covid19 #virus News Nation is a leading Hindi News
24 Mar 2020 07:04  

Person returned from Dubai turned out to be Corona positive
Avatar Lucknow: A man returned from Dubai in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, has been confirmed to be infected with the Coronavirus. After this, the district administration has separated the entire village including his family. The district administration said that its thermal scanning was also done at Delhi Airp
23 Mar 2020 13:14  

Janata Curfew may be announced across country again
Avatar New Delhi: In this present age, there is no such person who is not troubled by the rising corona. The havoc of this virus has increased so much that hundreds of people are coming in its grip every day. In order to face the challenges of Coronavirus, on Sunday, 75 districts of the country, including
23 Mar 2020 12:01  

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Modi government announces 'Pharma sector to get 10 thousand crores to fight Corona'
Avatar New Delhi: The government has started preparations to increase their manufacturing in the country due to the problems of raw materials imported from China for medicines after the corona virus havoc. A package of about 10 thousand crore rupees has been announced for the pharma sector. The industry ha
23 Mar 2020 11:54  

3 person died in one day due to corona, death toll reaches 7
Avatar New Delhi: Due to the Coronavirus which is causing a worldwide furor, people have come to the fore in the first case of death in Bihar. A few days ago, a 38-year-old youth who came to India from Qatar was admitted to Patna AIIMS on Saturday night. He was a patient of diabetes and his kidney was also
23 Mar 2020 11:24  

Corona virus: Lockdown declared in these states of India, see the complete list here
Avatar Coronavirus infection is spreading very fast in India. Many states and cities of the country are under lockdown. Section 144 is being imposed and people are being asked to stay in homes for maximum time. In Maharashtra, Gujarat and Bihar, one person died and the death toll has reached seven. However
23 Mar 2020 10:24  

Public curfew increased, no alcohol available till this day
Avatar New Delhi: It is not to tell anyone today that the outbreak of Coronavirus has been increasing so much for the past several days that at least 3 lakh people have come in the grip of this virus today. At the same time, there is no special solution to this virus. The number of people who die from this
23 Mar 2020 10:24  

CM Kejriwal's appeal, says, "Delhiites should accompany lockdown like Odd-Even"
Avatar New Delhi: Delhi CM and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national president Arvind Kejriwal has appealed to Delhiites to cooperate in the lockdown. The Kejriwal government of Delhi has announced a lockdown from today to March 31 to deal with the coronavirus. Kejriwal tweeted from his official Twitter handle sa
23 Mar 2020 10:11  

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Three people died in single day, corona infected reaches 350 people
Avatar On Sunday, three people infected with the coronavirus died. The death toll has reached seven. Officials said that the number of infected people has reached 350 so far. On this matter, the Superintendent of AIIMS Patna told that the 38-year-old man had recently returned from Qatar. He was found to be
23 Mar 2020 09:57  

कोरोना के चलते दिल्ली में लॉकडाउन, जानें किन सेवाओं पर रहेगी छूट
Avatar Lockdown in delhi: कोरोना वायरस के बढ़ते संक्रमण को देखते हुए दिल्ली में सोमवार सुबह छह बजे से लॉकडाउन शुरू हो गया है। यह 31 मार्च तक जारी रहेगा और इस दौरान केवल जरूरी सेवाओं की ही सुविधा मिलेगी। इसके अलावा उत्तराखंड और बिहार समेत 14 राज्य पूरी तरह 31 मार्च तक जबकि यूपी के 16 जिले 25 मार्च तक लॉकडाउन
23 Mar 2020 06:48  

Health care workers at highest risk of contracting coronavirus
Avatar The health staff the world over working to stem the tide of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is overworked and doing long shifts in sub-optimal conditions, which puts them at the highest risk of the disease that has sickened 310,000 people and killed 13,000 in a little over three months. "Reports from
23 Mar 2020 06:23  

Businessman Anil Agarwal extends his hand to help Corona victims
Avatar New Delhi: The havoc of Corona is continuously increasing in the country. The public hoped that the business and industry would come forward to help in dealing with this transition. It has also started. After Anand Mahindra's announcement, now Vedanta Group Chairman Anil Agarwal and Paytm founder Vi
23 Mar 2020 09:32  

कोरोना वायरस के खिलाफ एकजुट देश के लोगों ने ताली और थाली बजाकर जवानों को किया थैंक्यू
Avatar कोरोना वायरस की चुनौतियों के खिलाफ संघर्ष के बीच रविवार (22 मार्च) को जनता कर्फ्यू के दौरान सड़कें वीरान पड़ी रही और मार्केट सूनी। कोरोना वायरस के खिलाफ जंग में पीएम मोदी के आग्रह पर जनता कर्फ्यू का पालन करते हुए लोगों ने रविवार की शाम पांच बजे अपने घरों में रहकर ताली, थाली और घंटियां बजाई। कोरोना क
22 Mar 2020 18:16  

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[YouTube] COVID-19: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Announces Lockdown Until March 31 | News Nation
Avatar In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announced lockdown in the national capital. “During the lockdown in Delhi, no document or proof will be sought from a person if they say that they are out on streets to provide or avail any essential service”, said Chief Minister Arvi
22 Mar 2020 20:36  

[YouTube] Officials Hold Meeting With Shaheen Bagh Protesters At Islamic Center I News Nation
Avatar Officials held talk with Shaheen Bagh protesters at Islamic Center appealing them to end the agitation as coronavirus outbreak gripped Delhi. Watch the full report. #covid19 #coronavirus #diseas News Nation is a leading Hindi News Channel. News Nation covers breaking news, latest news, entertainment
22 Mar 2020 07:25  

[YouTube] Not More Than 5 People To Assemble At One Place: Kejriwal On COVID-19 | News Nation
Avatar Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday said that there should not be gathering of more than 5 people at one place. He also said that 50 percent of the buses will not be operational in Delhi. Watch the full report. #kejriwal #delhi #coronavirus News Nation is a leading Hindi News Channel. News Nation c
21 Mar 2020 18:52  

'Corona' havoc not stopped in India, total number of people infected is 283
Avatar New Delhi: Due to the spread of coronavirus spread from Wuhan city of China all over the world, crores of people have to live in homes. So far, more than 11 thousand people have died in the world due to virus infection. The total number of cases has increased to more than 2,65,867. In India also 283
21 Mar 2020 18:00  

This woman turns out to be a corona victim, sent bill of millions after test
Avatar New Delhi: In this present age, there is no such person who is not troubled by the rising of Corona. The havoc of this virus has increased so much that hundreds of people are coming in its grip every day. This virus has killed thousands of people so far. It is still being speculated that soon this d
21 Mar 2020 17:32  

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Delhi Couple Taken Off Delhi-Bound Rajdhani Train After Quarantine Seal Found on Husband's Hand
Avatar The couple was reported to the authorities by their co-passengers following which they were offloaded in Telangana and taken to a hospital.
21 Mar 2020 02:05  

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